Top Sites to Find Sponsored/Paid Reviews and Articles for Your Blog

One of the best online earning ways from blogs is through sponsored articles and sponsored reviews which earn you a very attractive sum if your blog has pretty stats. Bloggers are dominating the online world and now different companies and services prefer to promote their products through well established blogs under their niche. If you have a blog with decent traffic, then there are some good platforms where you can find sponsored reviews and sponsored articles.

How Much You Will Earn?

Your earnings will depend on different factors including your blog's stats (PR, Alexa Ranking, Social Likes etc.), niche of your blog, advertiser's budget and several others. You can earn anywhere from $25 to $200 or even higher for each sponsored post you publish.

What to Care Before Publishing Sponsored Posts

Remember that your audience trusts you, so before publishing any sponsored post and promoting any product, ensure that the knowledge you are providing about the product is correct and legitimate. Also mention that the post is sponsored. Never distract your blog audience by publishing false reviews, it may ruin your blog by stealing the trust of your readers.

Top Platforms/Sites to Find Sponsored Reviews

post-joint-sponsored-posts is one of the most popular websites to find sponsored reviews. Once you signup for a free account at PostJoint, your blog is manually reviewed and approved if it deserves. Once the blog is approved, you are then notified about available sponsored posts which are related with your blog's niche. These suggestions are made according to the details of your blog which you provide while signing up.

PostJoint is maintained by UareL, which is a digital agency based in London, providing the platform for bloggers to earn money through their blogs. The agency also helps the product developers to promote their products among target audience. So if you are willing to earn a decent money from your blogging efforts, then PostJoint must be in your list.

Your earnings are processed through PayPal. If you are in Pakistan or any other country, where PayPal isn't available, learn here, how to get verified PayPal in an unsupported country.

ReviewMe is yet another service where sponsored articles can be found for blogs. Once your blog is approved at ReviewMe, rate per sponsored post is specified according to your blog's stats and targeted sponsored posts are suggested to you. You need to keep browsing the post opportunities for finding paid reviews of your interest.

Sometimes, promoters directly offer you the articles to publish and specify their budget for the post. If the budget satisfies you, you can publish the post. Otherwise you can reject the offer.

3. SponsoredReviews
sponsored-reviews also provides you with opportunities to find paid content for your blog. Earnings at SponsoredReviews are very attractive. You can earn anywhere from $5 to $1000 for each post you publish at your blog.

When you add your blog at SponsoredReviews, its stats are analyzed and price per post is suggested which is based on your blog's stats. SponsoredReviews takes the 50% of the price which you charge from advertisers. Payments are processed bi-weekly via PayPal. You can check your earnings, pending payments and paid earning history at SponsoredReviews' site.

4. PayPerPost
PayPerPost  is yet another platform where bloggers are directly connected with advertisers. You need to register and claim your blog at PayPerPost to start finding paid posts. Advertiser funds are transferred to your account withing 30 days from the day you publish the post. Earnings can be withdrawn via PayPal once they reach $50.

5. SocialSpark
Apart from PayPerPost, Izea Network (the owner of PayPerPost) is also operating SocialSpark where bloggers can earn extra cash by finding sponsored articles.

SocialSpark looks over some stats of blogs before approving. The blog must be at least three months old and must contain 20+ posts. Blogs left untouched for more than 30 days are also not accepted in the program.

6. PostsGenius
post-genius is yet another platform working for connecting advertisers with bloggers. You can find sponsored posts of varying budgets according to your blog's stats. You get paid when your earnings reach US $50.

These were our recommended six top websites where you can find sponsored articles for your blog to earn extra cash. I hope this article will help you in boosting your blog earnings. Do you have any other suggestion? Don't forget to share below in comments.