Google's Second PR Update of 2013, Will it Occur in July?

Google is thought to be super secret about its all services including its algorithm and it once again proved its secrecy by keeping webmasters waiting for second PageRank update of the year 2013. Although Google has been punctual in releasing PR updates every three months in past, but this time, four months have gone, still PageRank hasn't updated publicly. Last PR update was released on February 4, 2013. Today (July 4th), five months completed since last update and Google hasn't announced this exciting update yet.
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Google internally updates the rank of websites and webpages on regular basis and this ranking keeps changing and webpages either get high position in SERPs or the ranking is dropped on daily basis. But toolbar update of PageRank is waited by all webmasters. SEO companies concern this update the most as it decides the fate of their business. If the PageRank of client websites at different SEO services gets high, then it helps boosting the business of concerned SEO companies greatly.

Bloggers also wait thrillingly for this update. If the blog gets high PR, it benefits the blogger in several ways. For example the blog will get attention of advertisers and sponsors, thus the earning of the concerned blog improves rapidly. Guest bloggers are attracted towards the blog and more content gets available for the blog. Apart from all these, there are several other benefits about which every blogger dreams.

If you are willing to sell your blog or website, then you might need to wait for few more days. If you have worked on off-page SEO, then you should wait for the next update. If your site or blog succeeds in getting a high rank in next update, then it will earn you some extra money which otherwise you may lose. So wait till Google updates the PR.

Currently, my blog is at PR4 and I'm waiting for the next update with the hope that it will get PR5 or PR6. Lets see, what happens when Google releases its next PR update. You will also be waiting for the update. So good luck for you also!!

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