WordPress SEO by Yoast vs SEO Ultimate, Which One is the Best

WordPress SEO by Yoast is considered as the best WordPress SEO plugin but indeed there is no any perfectionism in anything, anywhere in the world. In the competition of providing search engine optimization for WordPress blogs, there is yet another name popular as SEO Ultimate. SEO Ultimate also performs brilliant when it comes the on-page optimization of your blog posts for search engines. In this review, we will look over the features of the two plugins and will try to find out which one is the real champion of this competition. But please ensure that these plugins only make task of SEO easier for you and the SE optimization depends on how much you have learned it.
Why WordPress SEO by Yoast is Loved by Bloggers
WordPress SEO by Yoast provides an easy but complete on-page SE optimization for your blog posts. The plugin is developed by Joost de Valk. It is free to use and provides almost all possibilities for doing a brilliant on-page SEO for your site content. I'm using it on one of my WordPress sites where it has made my task of SE optimizing extremely easy.

The plugin calculates the keyword density when you set the focus keyword and instructs to maintain a good keyword density which is very important for ranking your content in SERPs. It re-writes the title of your post and makes it more SE friendly. When we look over more advanced features, the plugin analyzes the length of individual sentences in your content and helps you in making your post easy to read and understand for your visitors.

Sometimes, the ranking of your WorPress blog posts drop in SERPs due to indexing of categories and tags. When it happens, content on your blog is indexed under each category and tag also, thus it appears as duplicate content and ranking of your blog drops dramatically. WordPress SEO by Yoast allows you to prevent search engines from indexing categories and tags, thus the risk of content duplication on your blog eliminates. You can modify this from "Taxonomies" tab of Yoast under settings.

In addition to above mentioned features, the plugin allows you to do much more including checking images for missing alt tags, headings and the appearance of keywords in URL and first paragraph etc.

SEO Ultimate, Yet Another Brilliant SEO Plugin
SEO Ultimate is developed by SEO Design Solutions. The most important and useful feature of this SEO plugin is the "Deeplink Juggernaut" feature which enables the auto-linking within your blog for selected posts and keywords. Once you define the anchor text and post URLs, the plugin automatically converts the defined anchor texts to links and thus a well internal linking is developed across your entire site. This internal linking or deep linking helps search engine crawlers to crawl across your entire site easily and the rank is boosted. The latest version (6.5 at the time of this publish) of the plugin adds some more advanced and useful features to "Deeplink Juggernaut" feature and now you can limit the number of links per anchor text per post or per page.

Apart from deep linking, SEO Ultimate allows you to do other on-page SEO tasks also which are common and aren't necessary to be discussed.

Conclusion: Although the "Deeplink Juggernaut" feature of SEO Ultimate makes it brilliant, still WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most diversified SEO plugin for WordPress. 

To rank your WordPress site well, you can use both plugins together on the same site. Although SEO Ultimate will warn you that Yoast is conflicting, but you can make both perfect by disabling all features of SEO Ultimate other than "Deeplink Juggernaut" feature and use Yoast with recommended settings. This will give you authority to do a brilliant on-page SEO for your WordPress website or blog.

So what is your experience with these two plugins? Don't forget to share as we are looking forward for more opinions.