How to Restore Deleted Blogger Blog Posts

Sometimes, bloggers accidentally delete any post or posts from their Blogger blog. If you are among them and don't have a recent backup of your blog, then still there are some options which will allow you to get your deleted blog posts back.

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Restore Your Deleted Blog Post via Cached Copy
If the deleted post was old enough and was indexed by Google, then you can easily restore the posts via cached copy on Google. This option allows you to open the deleted post directly in post editor, so you can publish it instantly in the original state in which the post was published before. To restore your post via cached copy on Google, follow below instructions:

1. Open Google Search 

2. Search for your post in Google search. For easier listing, type in the title of your post along with domain name in search

3. Once your post is listed in search results, a small down arrow will appear with the URL. Click on it. Now you will see two options, "Cached" and "Share". Click on "Cached"
4. After clicking on "Cached", the cached copy of your deleted post will be opened. Once the post is opened, view its source. For ease, use Mozilla Firefox. Press Ctrl+U once your cached post is opened. The source code of your post will appear. Find below code by pressing Ctrl+F
<div class="post hentry">
post hentry
5. Now you will see the unique ID for your deleted post anywhere under above mentioned code lines as shown in below screenshot
6. In above screenshot, second highlighted line is the unique ID of my deleted post. Find unique ID of your post like this and then navigate to below provided URL by modifying the ID of your blog and post. Blog ID can also be found from HTML source. Press Ctrl+F and search for blogID. Put these two values by replacing highlighted IDs in below URL;postID=2067297568574922931
7. Replace your blog and post ID in above URL and open it in your default browser. Post editor will open with the original post which was deleted. You can then publish it again!!

Do you have any question or facing any difficulty in restoring your deleted posts? Leave a comment below. We will help you in getting your deleted blog posts.