Traditional SEO is Dead - What Modern SEO Strategies are Working Now

Google is burying websites and blogs in search results which are still adapting traditional SEO strategies. Old days of Search Engine Optimization have gone and now you need to change and redefine your strategies to maintain your website or blog ranking in SERPs. Here is what you need to change for your online content so it will attract the attention of modern search engines.

Increased Backlinks are Not Going to Rank You Anymore
You can't rank your website or blog in SERPs by increasing the number of backlinks. Google is strongly looking into this section and will bury the sites and blogs with unnatural backlink profiles. So don't adapt unethical and traditional strategies to build backlinks, instead maximize the content quality. Apart from this, following SEO strategies have become essential for ranking your site in SERPs.

Manual Directory Submission
There are a lot of directories on the web to which you can submit your site for boosting ranking. While submitting your site or blog, ensure that the directory is human edited and is maintained well.
Article Submission
You can write articles relevant to your site and its content, can place backlinks in it and then can submit these articles to well established article directories like This will help you in ranking your content in modern SERPs easily.
Press Release Submission
Press releases greatly help you in boosting your content's ranking in SERPs. There are many PR distribution sites on the web which allow you to submit press releases. Write a PR, put a backlink to your site in it and then submit the PR. You should do it on regular basis to ensure that modern search engines are being attracted to your content regularly.

File Creation and Submission
You should create PDF, MS Word and PPT files containing unique articles and links to your content and then submit these files to file distribution sites like

Increase Social Shares and Bookmarking
You must increase social bookmarking of your content to boost its rankings in SERPs. Social shares are a strong indicator for search engines that how much your content is interesting and useful for visitors. So build your social network and share your content among it on regular basis. For example create a Facebook page and get a lot of likes for it. Additionally, make the social sharing and bookmarking of your content easy for your visitors.

Anchor Text Diversity  
If you have used and are using the same anchor text in backlink building, then you are committing a big mistake. You must diversify anchor texts. Use different anchor texts for backlinks, this will make your backlink profile more natural and safe. It means that forum signatures and blog commenting isn't much beneficial anymore, instead it may bury your blog or website in search results.

Above discussed were some off-page SEO strategies. Along with these off-page SEO strategies, you must follow on-page SEO strategies also to ensure that your site or blog is well optimized for search engines. Good luck!