Interview With Owner / CEO Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty, CEO MyBlogGuest has become the most popular platform among guest post sharing websites. At, guest bloggers can publish their articles on relevant blogs for free, thus they get more exposure to their blogs from backlinks in their guest articles. MyBlogGuest is a perfect place for blog owners also where quality articles can be found. A few days before, we interviewed Ann Smarty, CEO of Here is what we talked with her.

SupportiveHands: From where the idea came in your mind to start

Ann: When I started blogging, I got too much excited... The result: In a couple of months people started inviting me to guest post for them. I did a guest post by a guest post and the mutual benefit was hard not to notice: My personal brand was growing and publishers were happy to get free content as well as free social media promotion (I always promote my articles!)

So I almost immediately started thinking about a possible place to allow the two parties to meet!

SupportiveHands: MyBlogGuest is undoubtedly providing the best platform for both guest bloggers and blog owners. Can it be the best place for freelance writers too, who want to earn from their writing efforts?

Ann: We are keeping My Blog Guest away from any paying gigs (by experience, these usually attract low-quality and abuse) but if I were a freelance writer, I'd use MyBlogGuest as a self-branding and networking branding: There are lots of people interested in content there. Just network, be useful and you'll find important people there!

SupportiveHands: Some bloggers complain that they fail to get quality articles from What do you say about this?

Ann: There two main reasons:

1) The blog is too new / weak (why would a great writer spend hours writing a free article without getting any exposure back?)

2) The blogger is too lazy: We never force anyone to publish anything, but you'll have to learn to say no and reject bad articles! On the other hand, if you come across a good writer, don't just publish his/her article and walk away: Be a great host! Promote the article, thank the author and invite him to guest post again!

SupportiveHands: What is the current number of registered members? And what is the (estimated) ratio of guest bloggers and blog owners on

Ann: The current number, at this very moment of me typing this, is 60,583 (June 20, 2013)

I honestly have no idea about the ratio: Most of them are interested in both, I guess!

SupportiveHands: MyBlogGuest is maintained well and it seems that you aren’t facing any big challenge. Still how guest bloggers and blog owners can help you in improving the services of

Ann: Aim for long-term objectives! I want MyBlogGuest to be primarily a networking platform and I want our members to bring their relationships outside of the MyBlogGuest. That would mean we are doing something important!

SupportiveHands: Some features at MyBlogGuest are unavailable for free subscriptions. What benefits guest bloggers and blog owners can gain if they go pro?

Ann: We provide training and moderating services. We also help both sides to more efficiently find each other. For authors we track their guest posts and alert is any of them goes down. Our newest feature is Articles Requests.

SupportiveHands: What actions are you taking for maintaining the quality of guest posts and blogs on

Ann: A lot of (I mean *a lot*) human reviewing and moderating; a lot of education (through #myblogguest Twitter chats, hangouts and personal training). That's a very hard work and not everyone gets it!

SupportiveHands: Do you remember when and where you wrote your (own) first guest article? I believe that modern guest writers solely write for getting backlins. What was your purpose?

Ann: I got an invite from Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal and I was so honored that I didn't think about any benefits. That was so exciting! Here it is: Make the Most of SEO Competitive Research : Evaluating the Competition

SupportiveHands: Do you think that the blogs that accept guest posts develop faster than others that don’t?

Ann: I never said guest blogging is for everyone (some blogs get popular because they have ONE unique voice) and I also discourage everyone from publishing *only* guest posts (otherwise the blog loses style) but as an experience guest post editor, I can absolutely sincerely state that I've seen plenty of blogs become huge exactly thanks to guest contributions. It's huge!

SupportiveHands: Something more about MyBlogGuest? And any message for guest bloggers and blog owners?

Ann: No matter what many people would think, I haven't created it with money in mind. I wanted it to be free and useful. We added PRO features because our users were constantly asking for them. So whenever it does something useful, I am happy! I just want all our users to aim for quality: That's the only way to survive!

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