Introduces "Article Requests" Feature has introduced a new cool feature in its interface. This feature is "Article Requests" which allows blog owners to request for articles of their interest from other bloggers and freelance writers. Previously, bloggers were restricted to search and place offers for articles submitted in Articles Gallery, but now they can ask MyBlogGuest community to provide specific articles for their blogs.
article-requests-myblogguest is a perfect place for both bloggers and freelance writers at which bloggers can find quality articles for their blogs. The new feature will surely benefit bloggers as well as writers in several ways. Apart from Article Requests, other features of MyBlogGuest are described below:

Articles Gallery
The coolest feature of is its Articles Gallery where freelance writers and guest bloggers submit their articles and blog owners place their offers for interested articles. In this way, Articles Gallery of makes it extremely easy for blog owners and guest bloggers to find targeted articles and blogs.

When you navigate to Articles Gallery of, you will see a long list of submitted articles there. You can preview the article and can offer your blog for publishing the article if you like it. You will be informed and provided with the HTML source of the article once the writer accepts your offer.

Infographics Gallery
Infographics are getting more popular than traditional articles these days as they convey the information more quickly and more beautifully.'s Infographics Gallery allows you to find professional infographics for your blog. 

MyBlogGuest Direct
MyBlogGuest has tools like plugins for WordPress which allow you to receive articles directly in your blog dashboard when a writer accepts your offer. You need to add and setup your blog properly on MyBlogGuest to receive articles directly.

These three features were available at from beginning but the new features "Article Requests" has been introduced recently. Let's see how it works.