How to Earn Money from AdSense with a Free Blogger Blog

Online earning is both a difficult and easy task. If you don't know where to start your online earning career, then this article will make you understand where to start. If you love writing and can write a few articles per week, then keep reading on.

Among online earning methods, blogging is the best, most convenient and productive way which can earn decent money for you. If you are low on budget, then don't worry, as Google's Blogger provides you the platform to start your online business today without spending even a penny. In this article, we will discuss why Blogger is the best option for you and how to earn money from a Blogger blog by integrating AdSense into it.

What is Blogger

Blogger is owned by Google and it is one of the most popular blogging platforms of the world. It allows you to create a free blog and to earn money from it. In beginning, Blogger was introduced by Pyra Labs, and later Google purchased it from Pyra Labs in 2003.

Why Blogger is the Best for Starting Your Blog

If you are reading this article till now, it means that you are a beginner and you aren't familiar with the concept of blogging. Although WordPress is the top blogging platform of the world, but dealing with WordPress and self hosting is not only a challenging task, but it requires investment also. So I am considering Blogger better than WordPress and guiding you to start your blog on Blogger which is both priceless and easy to manage.

Additionally, Blogger allows you to monetize your blog through AdSense or any other source which isn't appreciated by most of the other free services. It has been seen that Blogger blogs are easily accepted in AdSense program which you will need later for monetizing your blog.

Points to be noted before starting your blog

Bloggers mostly fail when they start their blog without any proper planning and later, they conclude that blogging can't earn them a living. But if you follow below rules before starting your blog, I guarantee your success and your blog will start generating money after a short span of time.

-Never start your blog on a random topic. Analyze your interests and strengths first and then start your blog. People search the Internet for quality information and they will read your blog only if it satisfies their needs

-Never start your blog on highly competitive niches/topics. If the topic of your interest is already discussed by a lot of sites, then topic is surely broken and you can't get success with it easily, so find any other topic which hasn't gotten much competitive

-Learn basics of SEO before starting your blog and keep learning it. Without learning SEO and practicing it over your blog, it is similar to your personal diary. You write in it but no one knows what you are writing

-Expand your social circle. Share your blog content on social networks and build a circle of fans. This will help you in getting your blog recognized quickly

These rules are extremely important for success of any blog. If you have understood these rules, you can now proceed to create your blog.

How to Create a Blogger Blog
It is extremely simple to create a blog on Blogger and it doesn't require you to deal with challenging technical issues which otherwise you would face with a WordPress self installation. To create your blog, you need a Google (Gmail) ID. If you don't have it yet, first create one and then follow below steps:

1. Visit

2. Sign in using your Google (Gmail) ID

3. Choose the option “New blog”

4. Choose a title for your blog and type it in “Title” field

5. Search for a relevant available address (under .blogspot subdomain) and then register it
6. Choose any of default templates

7. Click “Create blog!” option

8. Now your blog is online

After you will follow above 7 steps, your blog will get online and it will take less than five minutes. First of all, find a good template, and then optimize your blog for search engines. At last start posting. You need to do below for growing your blog.

-Write posts on regular basis. Try to write daily, if you can't, then ensure that your blog isn't left untouched for a very long time. The more frequently you will update your blog, the more its growth rate will be

-Apply on-page SEO on each and individual post

-Keep learning off-page SEO and apply it over your blog

If you follow above simple but productive tips, then your blog will start receiving traffic from search engines within a few days. Spend a month or two for developing your blog and once you have enough posts and traffic on your blog, apply for AdSense.

Apply for AdSense

When your blog has enough number of posts (around 40-50), apply for AdSense. You can apply it from your blog's dashboard (under Earning tab) or visit if you have a custom domain. Once the AdSense account is approved, you can display ads from it on your blog and thus your blog will start generating money. Read more about AdSense here.
Other Earning Opportunities
AdSense isn't the single way to monetize your blog. When you dedicate your time to develop a good blog, then you will find several earning opportunities. Interested advertisers (related with your blog's niche) will choose your blog to promote their products, you will find paid reviews and so on. 
This was a short introduction to blogging. I hope that this simple tutorial will help you in creating a free Blogger blog and monetizing it. If you have any queries regarding with blogging or need any help, you can leave your comments below.