Top SEO Tips for New Blog Owners

If you have recently started a new blog, or are planning to start one, it is likely that some sort of search engine optimization (SEO) plan has populated your thoughts. If you have some experience of the Internet and of how search works, then you are probably in a good place from which to build your blogs' profile.
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Alternatively, you could be entering a completely new world without the first idea of what you should be doing. That is where we come in, with our SEO top tips guide to help you get started. 

Early Search Strategies
We’re going to let you in on a little secret. For the first six months to a year, you will see very little movement in your search rankings.

That doesn’t mean you should forget about doing anything during that time, however. In fact, the more you do, the better. You see, you could launch the most perfectly optimized blog on the Internet tomorrow, but Google and the other search engines have no idea what you are, or whether you will be there tomorrow.

Trust is a valuable commodity in the search industry, and as such, you will need to spend a lot of time building up your ‘credit rating,’ so to speak. At the same time, everything you do now does count towards your search ranking, so get busy. When you get the trust you want, it will be the higher echelons of results pages, here you come!

So what can you do to put yourself in a great place with search? 

Get to Grips With Basics
If you’re seeking out advice such as this article, then you’re probably already doing this.

Whatever you need to do to learn the basics of search, be that a book, connecting with people on social media, or reading another 100 articles such as this one, it will pay dividends later.

If you are able to, an SEO workshop is a great thing to do, while you could also dedicate yourself a few days for reading through Google’s own resources, such as webmaster tools and their blogs detailing what they define as a great blog. 

Change Your Blog
Do the quick stuff such as making sure you optimize your page titles, tags, and descriptions. Make sure they are not just one word or quick filler, and use relevant keywords.

Remember, a low volume keyword that is relevant to you is much better than a high volume keyword with no relevance at all. 

Grab Your Pen
Proverbially, of course, because all of your web content will be typed into the keyboard in front of you.

Search engines love fresh and original content, and for most sites this will be in the form of a blog. If you are new to writing, just focus on getting the content nailed down, you can start worrying about blending in keywords and keyword placement later on. 

Target Quick Wins
While you are building up your trust with the search engines, do the other stuff you know they will love. Set up your social media profiles and start building your followings through them, list yourself on every business directory you can find, and start to think about a link building strategy.

With all of that done, you are ready to rank well and capitalize on the traffic about to head your way.

A Guest Post by Karl - Karl is an online content writer with Bough SEO, a full-service London SEO agency offering search marketing and other services to a number of clients in a variety of sectors.