CodeLobster PHP Edition Review, the Best Free PHP Editor

A comfortable, easy to use and feature rich editor is the most important tool which helps you in developing a website or blog easily. The world of Internet is full of several such editors which allow you to edit and compose websites and blogs in PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. DreamWeaver and Zend Studio are among the two most popular editors but unfortunately, these tools are expensive and a website owner or blogger with low budget may unable to pay for these. In such a situation, Codelobster’s free PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor is the best choice for editing and developing websites. This free editor is as feature rich as any other brilliant and paid editing tool can be. In this review, some of the features of this brilliant editing tool are discussed.
Code Highlighting
Codelobster’s free PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor highlights and differentiates the code according to its type. For example, if a code piece has a mixture of PHP, HTML and CSS codes, then each type will be illuminated in a different color.

Auto-complete of Code Strings

The powerful auto-completion of Codelobster PHP Edition precisely completes the codes of HTML5 and CSS3. PHP code is also recognized and processed efficiently.

HTML/CSS inspector allows you to easily correlate the selected elements of a page with code and proper style.

SQL Manager

The SQL manager of Codelobster PHP Edition allows you to create and edit your databases effectively. You can execute SQL queries seamlessly.

PHP Debugger

The PHP scripts can be executed effectively using Codelobster PHP Edition’s PHP debugger. You can watch the values of all variables in every line.

FTP Support

If you don’t want to work with local files and want to edit your website directly on your server, the editor’s FTP support helps you in doing that seamlessly. You can edit files on a server directly without any difficulty.

Context Help

By pressing F1, you can get help on various features of the editor in all supported languages. Currently, English, Russian, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese languages are supported.

In addition to the above discussed important features, there are special plugins to work with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Smarty (template engine), Cake PHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii and JQuery.

How to Get Codelobster PHP Edition on Your Computer

Codelobster PHP Edition can be downloaded and installed from its website at A cool feature of the editor is that it doesn’t insist you to install it always. The portable version of the editor can be launched and used directly even without installing it.

This was a brief introduction to the Codelobster PHP Edition, the amazing free PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor. If you are looking for a good PHP, HTML, CSS or JavaScript editor for your website, then Codelobster PHP Edition must be your first choice. I am sure that the editor’s usability and features will satisfy you greatly, so don’t forget to give it a try.

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