How to Write a Great Blog Post in 15 Minutes or Less

We love to post on our blogs, but with full-time jobs, families, friends, chores, and other important obligations, many of us can barely find time to eat and sleep during the day. Who has hours to spend on one blog post? While speedily writing a blog post isn't suggested, it's sometimes necessary. If you find yourself in this tricky predicament, follow these three easy steps to produce a quality blog post in or around 15 minutes.
A topic is really key to getting started with any blog post. Don't blog without a purpose, no matter how little time you have – the post will simply come out bland, boring, bulky, or uninteresting at best.

Here is where a little preparation comes in handy. Famous bloggers all across the Internet have vouched for keeping a list of possible blogging topics, or a Topic Journal. Start off by taking 5-15 minutes one day to write down at least five possible blog topics. Keep them in your journal, and make sure you have that journal handy when it comes to writing a new blog post.

How to think up topics? When going throughout your day, start to take notice of things you're interested in. What did you see on the news? What hobbies did you pursue today? What questions did you find yourself asking, and did you find an answer? Chances are if you're thinking about it, others are too... and they'll want to know your opinion on it!

This simple practice of regularly taking a few minutes to write down blog topics is enough to save you a heap of time in the future. When you're low on time and need to start writing now, pull out your Topic Journal and pick one you can write about with ease. 

Just Write
It's called “stream of consciousness” writing, though it also goes by the much shorter term known as free-writing. Simply put, it's the act of just writing. Really. This is the easiest part of writing a quick blog post – whatever comes to mind about the topic you've chosen to write about, simply start writing your thoughts on the matter. Thoughts, points of interests, questions... throw them all into the mix.

The key here is this – once you start writing, don't stop. Don't go back and change a thing... just keep writing! Don't stop until you have an excess of content. It's easier than it sounds, but you may need to practice it a few times to get truly good at it. 

Cut it Up
Now you can go back and edit it. Any line, phrase, or even paragraph that can't be led directly back to your topic should be cut. If you start to ramble, cut it. If it sounds funky, weird, or just wrong... cut it. Be judicious with your cuts – the more you cut, the better the quality of the final product will be. Don't waste time thinking about whether it should or shouldn't be cut – if you doubt it, cut it.

Congratulations! You have a finished blog post, and it all took around 15 minutes to do. Keep it up!

A Guest Post by Susan Bishop - Susan Bishop is a veteran freelance writer, and tech educator, who holds conferences on how to build a website, has written many books, and holds personal coaching for helping people build successful online careers.

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