Top 5 Google Analytics Reports You Must Track Daily

There have been many articles posted on the benefits of tracking your blog. When you use Google Analytics or any other tracking tools, you will be presented with a lot of data to deal with. Here are the top 5 Google Analytics reports you must track daily even when you want to skip the other reports so that you can keep on track of your blog's performance.

Keywords Report
The keywords report tells a lot about optimization of your web pages. If your web pages have been optimized for a certain keyword, you can see from the report if the page have been successful with the keyword. Also, you may discover new keywords that your visitors are using to finding your web pages that you've never thought of and it gives you the idea to optimize for those keywords as well. 

Contents Report
Not all contents are created equal and some may attract more visitors while some may attract less visitors. When you learn more about how your contents on your pages are performing, you can get the idea to create more of the similar type of contents to attract more traffic to your blog. 

Multi-Channel Funnels Report
Multi-channel funnels report can give you an insight of your visitors' behavior and the steps they take that leads to them taking action on your blog. If you are looking to improve your blog's conversion rate, this report can help you a lot by letting you know the source and path your visitors are taking to convert. With that, you can then tweak your blog and lead more visitors towards the path that works so that it increases your conversion rate. 

Events Tracking Report
Events tracking report gives you the details on events such as the number of clicks on each of your ads are getting, the number of times your visitors have downloaded a certain file from your blog and many more. To use this, you will need to add a short code to enable data to be collected for the events on your blog. It only takes a while but it is certainly worthwhile. 

Goals Report
There are many goals we want to achieve in blogging. It differs from each blog owner and that's completely okay. Once you have define the purpose for blogging, you will have a clearer idea on your goals you want to achieve. For instance, an e-commerce blog's goal is to get as much conversion from the products it is selling.

Even if you are running a personal blog, your goal that you want to track may even be the number of subscribers. The goals report can show you the details on which portion is converting well or what are the steps a visitors will take to subscribe to your list.

There are certainly more than these 5 Google Analytics reports you must track daily but if you are running out of time, then you can do the least by checking these 5 reports first. Blog tracking is important so that you know where to find your weaknesses and strength to improve your blog and you can do so immediately for free using Google Analytics.

This was a guest post contributed by Priya N who makes money through blogging.