Why it is Necessary for a Blogger to Be Extremely Social

This is a very important question that every blogger has to answer sooner or later. We bloggers put up post so that we can help people to find relevant answers to their topic. Every blogger has a niche he or she uses to answer the questions, solve the codes, give a how to tutorial or sometimes give a simple recipe.
Why does a blogger do such things? The Blogger attempts to help out the other Netizens in their quest for information. The other benefits of running a blog like ad revenues, top blog positions etc. are secondary but when you see a fellow surfer getting his or her answer satisfactorily from your blog and leaving you a simple ‘Thank You your post helped’ comment at the bottom of your post gives a blogger the ultimate satisfaction. In reality each blogger is running a social service of some kind. Their ways may be different but the result is the same, that is to satisfy the web surfer's query and need for information.

So this is the first part of the jigsaw. Now to satisfy the query of each and every individual surfing the Internet is not possible. For that you have to be a top level site. So how does a blogger do it?

This is where being social comes in. Being social not only helps you get the best advertisement for your blog but it keeps you abreast with the latest news in the world of Internet. A simple Like on Facebook or a Plus on Google for your post can give you additional 100 viewers.

Social Networking works like a pyramid. You and person ‘X’ are friends on a social network and ‘X’ reads your blog. The information is passed on to just ‘X’. But in case ‘X’ likes your blog very much and gives it a ‘Like’ or ‘Plus’, this immediately makes your blog accessible to all the friends of ‘X’. Likewise if any friend of ‘X’ likes and gives it a ‘Like’ or ‘Plus’ all the friends of the friend of ‘X’ will have access to your blog. This goes on and on.

So in simple terms when your post is liked by somebody in your social circle, there are good chances of the post being like by many individuals who have their own circle.

Another aspect of a blog which all bloggers tend to forget it that a blog is considered friendly and trustworthy by a would be reader. A particular ‘X’ information may be given by many sites, but a reader will trust a blog more than the TLDs because a reader identifies himself more with the blogger. For him the TLD is just a site which is earning money for giving out news but a blog is giving out news just for helping people like him. In a way he associates himself better with a blog because somewhere in his heart he knows that the blogger must have solved the problem or brought the item he is posting on before reviewing on the Internet. Therefore a blog can be a big influencer in many decisions the reader takes.

A prime example of the influence of the blog can be seen in retail purchases like mobiles, cameras, TV, gaming console and so on. As you all know there is all kind of literature available on the Internet regarding these products so when a reader visits these sites, he subconsciously knows that the sites are earning money for putting out a review. But when he visits a blog for a particular item to be purchased, he assumes that the blogger has used that item and is giving his review. So to show your commitment to the reader, you should be reciprocal in sharing your ideas. In other words you have to be social and socialize with people to give out the best of the lot.

This is again were your social skills kick in. To know exactly what a reader wants, you have to know the pulse of the situation. And to know the situation you have to be social. Because if you are not aware of the ground realities that are happening you may not give a worthwhile suggestion to your readers.

Even if you are an artistic kind and your blog gives out poetry, short stories or humor, you need someone to read them. Nobody will come out of the blue to read your creative genius. To bring in readers you have to be member of like minded social circle wherein you will post your creative ideas and get to read ideas from others. In a creative social circle, all the members may not be writers, some of them may just be readers and connoisseurs of art. It is the audience you can target by socializing because if these people like your post, they may add you to their other circles and then the list goes on.

This is just a start of the series of Blog and Socializing. Please continue reading to learn other aspects of socializing and being social.

This is a guest post contributed by Vijay Prabhu. Vijay is a passionate blogger from India who blogs about almost everything.

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