Why Only Focusing On Link Building Can Harm Your SEO

There is no doubt that link building is important to SEO. However, only focusing on link building can result in your becoming short sighted and losing track of your whole business. A business objective is to increase profit, so only doing link building might be selling yourself short.

Below are the five ‘no’s’ as to why only having a focus on link building can potentially harm you.

No Clear Strategy
Firstly when it comes to online business there is no clear strategy when you are only going after links. There are many other aspects within an online business and link building is important but only one of them. When you only focus on this one aspect it can cause you to become short sighted and lose track of your goals.

No Fresh Content
When you are only going out to get links it is highly likely that you could make your content suffer. Content is also an integral strategy to any campaign, and effort should be done to ensure it is made. When you don’t add any new content to your website you run the risk of not being seen as new and relevant in Google’s eyes and given lower rankings. 

No Added Value
People often go to websites to gain something of value. So when you don’t provide that they will be disappointed and not come back. When a visitor comes to your website you should be giving them everything that is up to date and that will benefit them. For example if you are a service provider you should be ensuring that you are always up to date with relevant news and that you can educate your users.

No Reason for People To Link To You
One of the best types of links you can get comes from valuable content that you have published on your website, and someone appreciates it with a link. When this happens it’s an extremely passive way of gaining links and is often a much better long term strategy.

In this day and age having good content speaks for itself and will often produce good results without you having to do much.

No Reason for People To Return
The final, and one of the most important reasons that you should incorporate a content strategy as well as a linking one, is because it makes your users want to return. When you’re in a position where you are producing content on a regular basis makes people want to return. Due to this you will have loyal visitors who are more likely to share your content and link to you.

As well as this you will see people start searching for your homepage as they are interested to see to new content you are putting out there.

SEO contains many aspects and link building is certainly an important one. However, don’t lose the sight of the big picture and ensure you are always putting something out there of value.

A Guest Post By Kev Massey from seo3D. Kev is the CEO at seo3D and offers free advice on how to optimize your website on the search engines.