Keep On 'Blogging' in the Free World

Blogging started around 1990, but it remained relatively obscure until the turn of the century. In its infant stage, many viewed blogs as the playground of self-aggrandizing people and cat fanatics, and they were not seen as an effective tool that businesses could utilize in their marketing strategies. However, things have completely changed since the inception of blogging, and these days most businesses that want to create a strong and compelling web presence have blogs. Not only can they help to connect a business with their loyal customer base, but they can also help spur new business through catchy content.
Keeping Your Customer Base Engaged

Many businesses enjoy the majority of their support through repeat customers, and these companies find that it is increasingly beneficial to keep an updated blog. This allows your customer base to keep returning to your website in order to find out new and interesting things. Not only will this help to keep your web ranking high, but also it will expose customers to your new product offerings and help create additional sales that you wouldn’t have received otherwise.

For instance, imagine you have a business that sells cooking equipment for home kitchens and you want to keep your customers engaged. You could begin by creating a series that follows one of the many cooking shows on television. Each week you could update your blog with the recipes that were featured in the show and then explain all the cooking equipment that was used on the show. Then you can link this content to your online store and allow your customers an opportunity to cook with the same great equipment as the stars on their favorite shows.

Bringing in New Customers
Since blogging became a huge hit, many have been creating interesting web content and posting it to their website in order to bring in new customers. You might think that new customers will visit the standard portion of your website before your blog, however, web analysts say this is not usually the case. New customers don’t know the name of your business, so they won’t type it into their address bar or into a web search. Instead, they will type in key words or a question that relates to the information they are seeking.

This is why it is so important to have lots of quality articles posted on your website that can drive search engine traffic to you, rather than a competitor. If a person happens to be looking for the best pan to cook chocolate chip cookies and you have a blog post about the best chocolate chip cookies and what pans to use, you are likely to gain a reader. From there, it is just a short step before the potential customer is shown the right pan to buy from your online store.

Optimize Your Blog

While a blog is vitally important, it is also crucial to optimize your content so that you have the correct percentage of keywords within the post. Optimizing your blog for high search engine visibility will increase your web traffic exponentially so you can capitalize on more sales. A higher spot in searches is crucial to business success and many of your competitors have likely put time and effort into optimizing their content. In second words, we can say that it is important to keep growing your blog to expand your business. Be sure to take this into account and have some quality web content created to boost your business and ensure you’re not edged out of any market share.

A Guest Post by Valerie Mellema. Valerie Mellema is the owner of Words You Want and has over 7 years experience in the SEO writing industry. Read about what Words You Want has to offer and learn some great content marketing tips at

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