Why Ethical Guest Blogging Still Rules

Why Ethical Guest Blogging Still Rules

If you are a blogger or a website owner, it is important to understand what, exactly, blogging is. The history of blogging, how it helps writers and website owners, and what it does for your Internet marketing campaign are all important. No matter what your part in the blog or marketing for a website, there are many things you should know about the industry.

An Early History


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Early blogging started around 1994. Generally, Justin Hall is recognized as the first blogger. During his first years, his website was just that – his personal homepage that was updated regularly. The phrase weblog was not used until 1997. This term is said to be created by Jorn Barger, who was one of the first bloggers.

How did blogging catch on? Many people in the mid-90s started making online journals. These journals were updated regularly, and usually open for the world to see. There were a variety of online journal sites where anyone could create an online diary. Have you ever heard of LiveJournal? This was one of the most popular and widely used early blogging platforms.

What is Blogging Today?

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Today, blogging is significantly different than it was in the 90’s. Though it still has the same roots, and there are many similarities between blogging in 1997 and blogging in 2013. Today, blogging is most frequently used as an Internet marketing tool. There are a variety of different blogger-types, and even the most diary-like of these (such as mom-blogs) still have a very different feel.

Instead of writing for themselves, as was once the trend, most bloggers today write for an audience. They want to impart their wisdom and knowledge in a specific area. Some bloggers write about very specialized areas, while others write about anything and everything that comes to mind.

What are Some Key Differences in Blogging in the 90’s and Blogging Today?

90’s – Writers wrote for themselves
Today – Writers write for an audience
90’s – There were few bloggers
Today – A large number of people have blogs. Some estimates say a conservative number is at least one hundred thousand blogs are active today.
90’s – Only individuals blogged
Today – Individuals, businesses, and groups all use blogs for a variety of reasons
90’s – Blogging was something to be done in someone’s spare time
TodayBlogging is a business, and many people use blogging as their entire source of income.
90’s – You only wrote on your blog, and it was generally a very personal thing
Today – Guest blogging is today’s hot new blog phrase. Guest posts can be on virtually any topic.
Today, blogging has turned mobile significantly. Bloggers now have smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and even the cloud to put down their ideas on the go.

What is Guest Blogging?

Understanding guest blogging is fairly easy. At its core, guest blogging is simply having a blog post on a blog that is not your own. There are many benefits to the writers of the posts, as well as the owner of the blog.

How Does Guest Blogging Benefit the Writer?

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Consider this. You are a writer who is looking to get your name out there. You want to prove to the world that you have the knowledge, experience, and skill to write anything. However, if your writing only shows up on y our own blog, all you are proving is that you know how to keep a blog.

If, on the other hand, you have your blog published on another person’s blog, your readership expands. Those who read the blog now see your name. The search engines pick up links back to your blog that you would not otherwise have. The more you guest blog, and do it well, the more likely you are to get good feedback and continue your writing career. Sometimes you will get paid for guest blogging, but other times it is a good idea to do it simply for the exposure. Either way, you can do it from anywhere from desktops, laptops, or ultrabooks.

How Does Guest Blogging Benefit the Site Owner?

Do you own a blog? If so, getting a guest writer can help you in a variety of ways. First, it can be stressful and frustrating to make sure that you have a post ready at all times. Having a guest blogger can give you a bit of a break. This is great for any website owner – sometimes you just need a vacation, even from something you love.

In addition, when you have a guest blogger, you can offer a different perspective to your readers. An expert in the field can lend weight to your point of view on a specific subject. This makes you seem more relevant, and entices new readers to your blog.

How do Google Updates Affect Blogging and Guest Blogging?

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Back in the good old days of the pre-2011 blogging world, the amount of content you had on a site significantly helped your ranking in the search engines. Then, in February of 2011, Google released the Panda update. This had bloggers, website owners, and writers worried. Understanding the Panda update was a little confusing, and it completely changed the face of SEO blogging. However, this change is not all bad.

Today, the content on your website has to be good. This is a great thing for writers and blog owners. It helps weed out the bad writers, and those who would constantly update with crappy, non-informational posts. The Internet used to be ripe with posts that only cared about how many times a certain keyword was used; the actual content didn’t matter.

Since the Panda update, though, blogging has become a significantly better place. Guest blogging is prized. When you have a guest blogger, the post is generally going to be fun, informational, and relevant to your blog. This is going to help you get readers and sponsors that are interested in your blog, instead of thousands of bounces each day.

The world of blogging has changed significantly over its history. It will continue to change, and due to updates that will continue to happen, writers will need to make sure that they write quality posts, whether for their own websites or when guest blogging.


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