Stop Searching for CommentLuv Enabled Blogs Lists Now

When Andy Baily introduced CommentLuv plugin for WordPress blogs for the first time, it got attention of all bloggers and the plugin got famous within a short span of time. A very large number of WordPress users installed this plugin and CommentLuv produced great results by increasing the number of comments on the blogs at which the plugin was installed. But later, WordPress users started realizing that the commentators, who visit their blogs and leave comments, are just visiting for getting backlinks. This plugin resulted a sudden drop in rankings of those blogs which were giving do-follow backlinks to the commentators (Andy Baily's own blog's PR dropped from 6 to 5 in first PR update of 2013). Bloggers noticed this issue and many blogs dropped CommentLuv. The bloggers who were using CommentLuv before not only dropped the plugin from their blogs but removed all previous links also by running MySQL queries.
Now modern bloggers are well aware about the fact that outbound do-follow links steal their rankings. Recently it has been noticed that no-follow links are also considered by Google, so bloggers are dropping CommentLuv from their blogs if they have already installed in or don't bother to install the plugin if they haven't installed it yet.

Commenting on CommentLuv Enabled Blogs Don't Worth Anymore
If you are still searching for lists of CommentLuv enabled blogs then you are committing a big mistake. This will result in wastage of your precious time which can be utilized properly in other link building practices. If you manage to find some CommentLuv enabled blogs, still keep this fact in your mind that these blogs are using CommentLuv for just driving some commentators and they will quit using CommentLuv sooner or later. When they will quit using the plugin, you will loss all the links which you had built there. You will then start thinking that any scary update from Google might has penalized your blog but indeed that will be the gift of CommentLuv.

Among blogging community, you will find some webmasters who will never drop CommentLuv from their blogs. The first blog is Andy Baily's own blog and the second one is BasicBlogTips of Ilean Smith who is the official ambassador of CommentLuv. But if you are also a WordPress user and love the CommentLuv plugin, then you are good to go with it as long as you feel it worthy for you.

CommentLuv is Not Garbage at All
It doesn't mean that CommentLuv is garbage at all. It really helps you in increasing the number of comments. If you manage to fight against spammers, then this plugin can help you in earning loyal readers.

So How to Build Backlinks Now?
"Spamming" is not the single way to build backlinks. There are many other methods to build backlinks. Guest blogging is the best strategy to build safe backlinks if you do it wisely. But always remember that your content can earn backlinks for you. If your content is valuable, others will surely link to it. Always maintain quality in content, you will get good results in long run. 

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