Changing Permalink of Published Posts in Blogger Blogs

Unlike WordPress, Blogger gives you less flexibility for changing the permalink structure, but it is extremely necessary for the best SEO of your blog posts that permalink of each post must contain target keywords. When you write a new post on your Blogger blog, a permalink is generated automatically and most bloggers publish the post as it is. But it is not a good practice. Google considers the keywords in URL of your post critically and thus your post URL plays a very important role in getting higher rankings in SERPs.
So How to Change the Permalink Structure for Blogger Posts
To define a custom permalink for your post, look for "Permalink" in right sidebar of post editor and click it. Then choose "Custom Permalink" option and type the main keyword of your post in the text field. While writing the custom permalink, ensure that the URL isn't getting too lengthy. Make it shorter by using the main keywords only and click "Done". Complete your post and publish it. It will help you a lot in dominating SERPs easily.
Changing Permalink Structure of an Already Published Post
Suppose you published a post on your Blogger blog by defining custom permalink for it but later noticed that you have typed something incorrectly, or you didn't like the permalink and decided to change it. Now you may face difficulties because Blogger disables the permalink editing once the post is published. Most bloggers copy the content, delete the published post and create a new one, but you don't have to delete the post at all. To change the link structure of an already published post, simply edit the post, revert it to draft and then customize the permalink the way you like. After editing the URL, publish your post again.
If your published post was indexed in Google, then go to Google Webmaster Tools and remove the old post URL. After that, fetch the new post. Or you can set a redirect from your blog's settings. This will help you eliminating 404 errors and your blog will maintain a good user experience.

Google is Considering Keyword Rich Domains and URLs
In past, it was extremely easy to rank any content for particular keywords by using a keyword rich domain. For example if you were going to build a website on online earning, then a domain like "" or "" was helpful in beating your competitors very easily. By the passage of time, Google's algorithm changed and webmasters started believing that keyword rich domains are no more beneficial in ranking your content. But now again keyword rich URLs are dominating the SERPs. You can do a research by searching particular keywords in Google. You will notice that all the top rankings contain the keyword in domain and permalink.

By explaining this, I don't ask you to go behind the keyword rich domains. I am simply trying to tell you that the keywords in URLs are the most important factors which affect the SERP rankings. So define permalink for your each post wisely. Use the main keywords in permalink of your post and see how your content's ranking boosts. Good luck!

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