Business Blog vs Personal Blog

New blogs are added to the World Wide Web on a daily basis. Some are business blogs while the rest are personal. The two should not get confused with one another, as consequences could be detrimental to the blog’s success. For a look at each, please read on.
Business Blog - Blogging To Enhance Your Business
The business blog is aimed at showcasing upcoming sales/events, helpful industry tips and maintaining a professional image. Any profession, trade or home-based business can have a blog, from the highest paid lawyers to the new freelance writer.

The goal of the business blog is to maintain a professional image, while still keeping the reader entertained and interested in returning to read more. If the blog isn’t engaging, the chances of keeping a regular audience is slim.

A key point to remember when posting to a business blog: do not mention the party antics you witnessed over the weekend or how many times your new puppy peed on the floor. This is not to say there cannot be a touch of personality, as readers like to see there is a real person behind the words. The key is to know where to draw the line.

Posts should be made regularly to increase ranking on search engines. A new post does not need to be made every day, but two to three times per week is recommended. The higher up on the Page Rank a blog is, the quicker it will be discovered by others. Those searching for specific information generally do not scroll past the fifth page of the search engine results; often times they may only scroll through only two or three pages.

Personal Blog - Blogging as a Hobby

The personal blog is a more relaxed entry point and may include posts about kids, weekend activities and favorite recipes. There are thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of “mommy blogs” on the internet, and each one is going to have some content that may not seem appealing to readers. Keep in mind some of the blogs are aimed solely at sharing the daily events with family members across the country. If they are posted with public settings, anyone can see them. (Privacy settings may be utilized so only family/friends see the posts.)

No matter the type of blog, many blog owners are interested in monetizing to some degree. For the business blog, it is important to keep the advertisements professionally oriented. Placing an ad about diapers may turn off a lawyer’s clientele. It is beneficial to be choosy and use appropriate keywords when selecting ads for a blog.

Another point to keep in mind as far as blogs are concerned is to keep the content interesting, engaging and as error-free as possible. Writing a post riddled with errors and boring facts will not gain any brownie points, just bad reviews. If there is any desire to gain a following, paying attention to the above points will benefit both the blogger and the reader. Adding social networking widgets will allow the reader to follow you on a variety of platforms, which in turn will increase readership.

A Guest Post by Lisa Melia - Lisa Melia is a keen blogger, and an advocate of outsourcing many blogging tasks such as guest posting in order to maintain a happy work/life balance. She is the co-founder of Blog Munchies; a Premium Blog Management and Content Writing service.

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