Best Practices to Write a Viral Blog Post

It is universal desire of bloggers to see their work go viral. But, not always that happens. Most often writers falter somewhere and results don’t come in as expected. Writing great blogs is a matter of experience and anyone can cultivate it. All it takes is practice, and every article you write with care will take you that much farther in helping you come up with something even better. Most important of all remember that writing is never taught; it is always acquired by the learners.
Here are some best practices that experienced bloggers use to make their blogs turn viral. The information is basic but helps write viral blogs.

Write on Trending Topics

One of the major mistakes writers commit is writing on topics that have long been forgotten. Of course you can create a trending topic and write on it, but that is not always a practical way to do. Instead, make a search in the Internet and find out what people are discussing. It could be Oscar Awards for now or even a silly question about a celebrity. To go viral you must write something that will create a controversy, but don’t be abusive.

Give Your Blog Post a Catchy Heading

The title/heading of an article is what most readers see first. They need to be compact and short, but convey message like a brief advertisement. Long winding titles are difficult to read and tire readers. Let what you want to say come within the first five words. That is all the stamina that readers have when they scan blogs for information. If you cannot do that, then your long winding interesting post will go nowhere.

Hook Your Readers in the First Paragraph

If you cannot gain your readers’ attention in the first paragraph, then you will not be able to retain anywhere else. See that the words you use in the title or heading gets repeated somewhere in the first couple lines of the first paragraph itself. Wean them into the next and next. That means you will have to plan your transition meticulously. The first line should start from where the title ended and the last line in the paragraph should continue in the first line of the second paragraph and so on till the end.

Sequence Your Ideas Systematically

Before you start writing, decide on where you will put your ideas, so that readers can relate to it seamlessly. Ideas sprinkled all over the post without a pattern to it get lost. Your first few lines should speak about everything your post contains. The next few, you can reserve for elaborating on each ideas. Your posts will be interesting and go viral if it can kindle emotion in readers’ minds. Bland talk, thought information will hardly work for posts.

Conclude or Ask Your Readers a Question
Your posts should spiral your readers into thinking for themselves, and the best way to do it ask them a question for which you don’t have an answer. That way you will be encouraging them to write a comment for your post. It is great for you and your readers.

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