Advice for Wannabe Bloggers

Okay so you want to be a blogger? Well it’s time to start thinking about how you plan to make yourself stand out from a crowd of millions that have already had the same idea and have been doing it for a lot longer. Blogging started as a kind of online diary where users could document their hobbies and interests and share these with other people but a blog is now so much more than this. Businesses now use blogs to establish themselves as an authority in their industry and blogging is now a form of marketing in its own right.
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If you look at the Worldometers site on most days you will see that more blog posts are written every day than people have been born, which makes you wonder just who’s reading all those words out there in the blogosphere. So if you want to be heard as a blogger it is clear that it is much more than just a case of whoever shouts loudest wins.

Dedicate Yourself to it
If you really want to make a good go at becoming a trusted and powerful blogger then you need to be consistent. That way people will know exactly what to expect and you can start to build a reliable fan base. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to write a new blog post every 15 seconds like so many people seem to. Just be sure that you are posting every week/ten days so that people don’t forget about your blog but also don’t become tired of you incessant mutterings. 

Do Some SEO, Please 
Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land recently remarked that Bill Gates could do with some SEO advice as his blog was not even as high as some of the fake ones when it was searched for in Google. Search engine optimization or SEO is what gets you seen in the search engines so you don’t have to join the mounting pile of bloggers who are just blogging into a void with no one ever hearing their cries for attention.

SEO involves optimizing your blog and its content so that it includes certain key terms that you want to be found for by Internet users. It is by no means limited to this but that’s a start. If you want to go further into SEO then do some reading online or contact an SEO company for help.

Blog About What You Know
If you want other people to read what you are saying and take it as granted then you are going to have to know your stuff. Therefore it is wise to only blog about things that you would be happy to hold an adult conversion with someone in the real world about. That goes to say that if you aren’t sure about something; don’t write it. This way your readers will begin to trust you and you will be able to blog more passionately about the subject.

Build a Following
It seems that social media has enjoyed a meteoric rise alongside the act of blogging and now these two systems go hand in hand with each other. Instead of constantly blogging to whoever will listen why not created a captive audience for your blog? You can do this by setting out to build a following on social media sites but sharing your posts via these platforms. Add social buttons at the bottom of your blog so that other people can also share your words on your behalf and you’ll see that people will slowly begin to take notice. It won’t happen overnight but it’s a lot more fulfilling than blogging into the abyss.

A Guest Post by Chris Mayhew - Chris Mayhew is a writer for internet marketing agency, Marketing By Web. They specialize in social media management, ppc advertising and SEO in Bristol.

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