Your Blog, Your Business - How Much Do You Invest in it?


How Much Do You Invest in Your Blog

A businessman/businesswoman can expect high profits from his/her business only when he/she invests high. Not only high investment is essential, good strategies and policies are also necessary. Secondly, it takes time before the business starts growing. Thirdly, it also matters that how the person deals with customers. The same is with your blog. Don’t agree? Well I strongly agree this. Your blog is your business. The high you invest in it, the high its profit is. The brilliant your strategies and policies are, the quicker its growth is. So my question is, how much do you invest in your blog? What your strategies and policies are?

The actual investment, which your blog needs from you, is not the money which you spend for hosting and its maintenance. It is the content which you are putting on your blog. Do you write regularly? Are you consistent in writing? Do you enjoy what you write? Do your visitors appreciate your efforts? These questions are crucial for a successful and passionate blogger. If your answer is YES for all questions, then it is great, otherwise you aren’t a true blogger and your blog needs more care from you for its growth. Now I will explain above questions why their answer must be YES from a successful blogger.

Do You Write Regularly?

To maintain a consistent traffic flow to your blog, it is the most crucial thing that you write regularly or not. If you write regularly, then your audience will visit again and again for reading your blog. You are well aware about the fact that search engines are the biggest source of free massive traffic. Every blogger desires for this traffic and dreams to see his/her blog among top results in SERPs. Now search engines rank those blogs higher which are kept updated regularly. To maintain and improve your position in SERPs, you must write regularly. That is why I expect answer to this question as YES from you.

Are You Consistent in Writing?

Consistency is another important factor which influences your blog’s performance. Some bloggers break consistency in their writing and leave their blog untouched for several days and even weeks. Then they start writing for some time and again break the regularity. It is a very bad habit which kills your blog at all. Yes I agree that sometimes it gets difficult to write your blog, but there is a solution for this. Both Blogger and WordPress allow you to schedule your posts. So write a lot when you have enough time and schedule your posts. By doing this, you can maintain consistency on your blog even in situations when you are away for several days and weeks.

Do You Enjoy Your Writing?

Blogging is both a business and fun and you can do it better only when you enjoy what you are doing and you can enjoy it only when the niche of your blog is of your interest. One of the biggest reasons behind failure of bloggers is that they don’t blog about what they are interested in. They choose a random topic and start blogging but they can’t do it in a good way and the result is that they fail. Alternatively, if a blogger blogs under a niche about which he/she knows a lot or interested in, then he/she surely performs well and achieves success. So I want to say that blog about the topics which you enjoy to read and write about.

Do Your Visitors Enjoy Your Writing?

Building a large audience is both easy and tough. If your blog is interesting and delivers value to visitors then they enjoy your writing and traffic on your blog keeps increasing. Your blog grows day by day and you become a successful blogger. It also matters that how you are interacting with your visitors. The more you are social, the more your success ratio is.

Alternatively, if you don't value your visitors and your writing style is also boring and dull then no one bothers to visit your blog. So try to know more and more about your audience. Comment section on your blog is the place where you can communicate your audience. Respond your visitor comments and encourage them to share their thoughts. By doing this, you will be able to know more about your visitors and then you can define your policies and strategies to improve your blogging.

These were four important questions which demand the YES from you if you are dreaming to become a successful blogger. These questions also reveal that your blog is a business which needs investment in form of your dedication. Good blogging strategies along with dedication bring guaranteed success to you sooner or later. So blog well and wait for success. Good luck!

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