Why Blogger is Better Than a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Blogger blogs with a custom domain perform better than WordPress blogs when they are hosted on a shared plan. You might have noticed that several WordPress blogs across the web, which receive high traffic but hosted on shared servers, usually suck which is an annoying experience for visitors and it may kill the ranking of the concerned blog in SERPs also. Alternatively, Blogger blogs rank and perform well. The reason behind this difference is the robust servers of Google which never get tired even with tons of traffic. This makes Blogger superior than a self hosted WordPress blog on a shared hosting.

WordPress is undoubtedly the best CMS of the world which has revolutionized the content management. Anyone can buy a domain, install WordPress and can run a website in minutes with WordPress, but the reality is that, WordPress performs well only when it is on a dedicated or VPS hosting which most bloggers can't afford. If they afford, still they don't bother to go for a high cost VPS or dedicated hosting and prefer to stay with cheap shared hosting plans. A rough estimate shows that about 95-97% of bloggers run their blogs on shared hosting which never has been good in performance. I would like to tell you about a shared host that such hosting services host multiple sites in same servers which make the servers down or sluggish in performance. Alternatively, a dedicated host is owned or hired by only one webmaster which performs good. In VPS hosting hosting, servers are partitioned and each website is allocated specific RAM and other features. This type of hosting also performs well. So WordPress only performs well on either dedicated hosting or VPS hosting. On a shared hosting, results get worse and then worst when the number of sites increase on the host or when the number of visitors grow on hosted sites. In such circumstances, your visitors suffer a lot and your ranking in SERPs also decreases for slower load time and increased downtime. On the other hand, Blogger is superior. Lets discuss some features of Blogger which make it better than a self hosted WordPress blog.

Why Blogger is Better Than a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Robust Servers of Blogger Perform Like Dedicated Hosts: The most brilliant feature of Blogger sites is that they never go down or slow down. The powerful servers of Blogger handle tons of traffic with no issue. The un-metered bandwidth makes it sure that you can bring as many visitors on your blog as you can. The 100% uptime of Blogger servers and superb load time of blogs help them rank well in SERPs.

Blogger Blogs are Easy to Maintain: Blogger blogs are much easy to maintain than self hosted WordPress blogs which are hard to run properly all the time. WordPress blogs are known for their technical issues which sometime frustrate the less technical webmasters.

Blogger is Free of Spam: Upon migration from Blogger to WordPress, the first thing, which you will notice, is that your blog receives multiple spam comments and registration attempts on it. Although there are spam protection plugins available but still they fail to filter the spam properly. In such a situation, you will be unable to fight against this spam content or it requires hard efforts from you. As Google hates spam, so your blog may loss its ranking if you unable to keep spam away from it. In this issue, Blogger is superior with very low spam attacks.

Blogger is Free: One of the best features of Blogger is that it provides you a brilliant and free hosting with either your custom domain or Blogger's .blogspot sub-domain. It saves a high investment which otherwise you need to spend for a dedicated or VPS hosting. But I would like to advice you here that all above features of Blogger are cool only when you use a custom domain for it. You can read more here why a custom domain is important for Blogger blogs.

Free Traffic and Promotion: When you run a blog on Blogger, your content is automatically shared among Blogger's blog directory, thus you get both visitors and links to your content. This feature helps your blog a lot to rank well in SERPs.

Blogger Blogs are Crawled Better by Search Engine Crawlers: Although search engine crawlers have become much advanced and they can parse almost any script, but still they are best in parsing HTML based content. As Blogger is HTML, so your Blogger blog is crawled easily by search engine crawlers which result in a better ranking of your content. WordPress PHP blogs get hard to crawl when you install multiple plugins and other scripts there.

So these were some features of Blogger, which make it better than WordPress installed on a self-hosted shared server.

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