Top SEO Plugins That Every Blogger should install in 2013


4 Top WordPress Plugins for Better SEO in 2013

With each New Year that comes there are new advancements and new trends in a whole host of different industries. The Internet is no different. In fact, with technology advancing at such a rapid pace many would argue that the Internet is something which is changing immensely. There are constantly new Internet based devices being released, new trends in marketing and new plugins being utilized. This article deals with the latter – plugins. After all, these are quite often integral to a website or blog’s success in the modern day as they have a great bearing on search engine optimization. Thus, read on to discover the top SEO plugins you should install this year...

W3 Total Cache

In the past, page speed did not really play such a big role with regards to a website or page’s search engine ranking. However, because of the changes that have occurred over the past year or so, page speed is now one of the most important factors and has a great say on how high you rank up on Google and alike. Thankfully, W3 Total Cache can help you out. It increases page speed and it does so significantly.

JetPack Publicize
Social media and search engine optimization go hand in hand nowadays. For social media to work to your advantage fully you need to ensure you are posting on a regular bases. JetPack Publicize ensures that whenever you post a publication on your website or blog, then your social networking feeds – such as Twitter and Facebook – will automatically be updated. This is something which is very beneficial because it ensures that your content is out there straight away and it will save you a lot of time too. Nevertheless, you still need to recognize the importance of composing Tweets and Facebook posts yourself. A healthy combination of the both is the winning formulation.

WordPress SEO by Yoast
Yoast is a fantastic search engine optimization plugin and is largely regarded as the best SEO plugin there is. When you have created a post Yoast will go through and analyze it in order to give you a rating on how good the SEO is. This will be displayed via a colored circle – ranging from green for good search engine optimizing utilized to red for poor. It also gives you an insight into where you have gone wrong – including aspects like links, keywords, meta description, content length and title. Another great benefit of this plugin is that you get to easily create your own permalinks, which is crucial considering the importance of optimized URLs.

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

Earlier W3 Total Cache was mentioned as a must download because it increases the page speed of your blog. However, the problem is that some plugins may counteract that and actually slow down your blog – a viscous cycle. P3 is certainly worth downloading because it can provide you with data on which plugins are detrimental to your blog and are thus slowing it down. Thus, you can make the necessary edits in order to ensure optimum user experience.

So there you have it; the top four plugins which you should be using for SEO in 2013. Yoast, W3 Total Cache, P3 and JetPack Publicize are all highly beneficial, and once you download them you are bound to wonder what you were ever doing without these great plugins!

Author: Lisa jane is a qualified journalist. She has written various topics on search engine optimization and used High Position to discover the top SEO plug-ins for 2013.

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