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Supportify Premium Blogger Template

We are pleased to introduce our premium Blogger template with the brand name Supportify Premium Blogger Template. We have designed it by keeping all needs of bloggers and have attempted our best to provide everything in it for you. Supportify Premium Blogger Template is undoubtedly a complete package for your Blogger blog which will minimize your efforts as we have added almost all necessary widgets to it. We can give it to you without charging any money, but first we would like to introduce our template that why it must be your first choice for your blog.

Supportify Premium Blogger Template is SEO Friendly

Supportify Premium Blogger Template has been best optimized for search engines, so it will give your blog the best maximum possible on-page SEO. Blog title from individual posts have been removed to boost the SEO. Additionally, internal deeplinking is maximized which has been achieved by placement of labels with links on post footer, author box with blog homepage URL and the related post suggestion below posts.

Cool Navigation Menu

The navigation menu of the template is not only cool in its appearance but it boosts your blog SEO by providing easy crawl for search engine bots also. The hover affects give a brilliant look to your blog,

Ad-Slot and Other Gadgets Below Navigation

One of the most important features of the template is that its all portions have been kept unlocked for you. It means that you can add gadgets anywhere on sidebar (Width 300px), above posts (width 600px) and below navigation (width 1000px). So you can place widgets on sidebar, above posts and below navigation. The template is ad-friendly also at which your ads will give you a very good CTR, resulting in maximized revenue.

Author Biography Box on Post Footer

Author box is necessary for your blog as it introduces you among your visitors. We have added a cool author box to Supportify Premium Blogger Template which not only introduces you beautifully but plays important role in SEO of your blog also. The homepage and label URLs increase internal linking on your blog and as a result your blog will ranked higher.

Related Posts Below Posts

A list of related posts is shown below your posts which will increase your internal linking as well as decrease bounce rate also. Your visitors will stay long on your blog and thus your blog will get higher ranking among search engines.


Recent Posts With Thumbnails Above Footer of Blog

One of the most important cool widgets of the template is its recent posts above footer. The widget shows three latest posts with thumbnails which gives your blog a very decent look.

Scroll to Top Button and Floating Social Sharing Widget

You need to add the Scroll to Top Widget to the template manually. We have provided the code and tutorial on how to add Scroll to Top Widget to Blogger blogs. But the floating social sharing vertical bar has been added to the template and you don't need to do anything else for adding any social sharing widget.

Some Other Features

Font colors and background of Supportify Blogger Template has been defined in such a pattern that they provide the best visual experience for the visitors. Template makes it sure that your visitors read content on your blog without any difficulty.

 How to Setup the Template

Supportify Premium Blogger Template is ready-to-use and you only need to customize the navigation. All other things like your name in author box, copyright label at footer and your blog links across posts are automatically parsed. To customize the navigation, edit HTML of your template,  find <ul id='nav'>   by pressing Ctrl+F and replace the values with your ones. To add gadgets and ads to sidebar and other places, click on Add Gadget option in layout of your template in Blogger dashboard and add the desired content.

How to Get Supportify Premium Blogger Template for Free?

If you write about Blogger or blogging, than you can get our template for free by writing a review about it on your website. A link leading to this page must be placed in your review. After you write the review, contact us with your review URL and we will send you the template instantly. If you don't have a review blog, then you will need to keep the footer attribution which will credit us. If you have liked the template, contact us as soon as possible to get it free.

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