, A Legitimate Review

guest-blogging, a Perfect Place or Hell for Bloggers?

Guest blogging has become extremely famous among bloggers of all niches. Where bloggers guest blog to promote their blogs, blog owners can find useful and well written articles for their blogs also. MyBlogGuest is a great website/forum which grants bloggers with opportunity of both finding guest posts and blogs, but as it happens always all over, MyBlogGuest has also some drawbacks along with its enormous benefits. When I joined last year, I noticed that where several passionate guest authors are providing quality content, a small number of unethical attempts are also there. In this review, we will look over both its advantages and drawbacks for bloggers.

Advantages of

Dreamland for Guest Bloggers is the best place to find blogs under your niche for getting backlinks to your blog through guest blogging. Finding perfect blogs for your articles is not an easy job and if you succeed to find one, still most blogs don't accept guest posts. Once you join, you can find a huge list of high PR blogs which will publish your good written articles instantly.

Paradise for Blog Owners
If you need content for your blog, then MyBlogGuest can provide you with a lot of quality articles. You will find scores of unique, useful and well written articles there.

MyBlogGuest Has Made Guest Blogging the Easiest
If you have a WordPress blog, then MyBlogGuest's WordPress plugin will minimize your efforts. Post will be delivered to your blog's dashboard directly if the author accepts to publish it with you. From your blog's dashboard, you can either discard or publish the post.

Earn from Your Writing Skills
You can sell your articles on Many blog and website owners look for quality articles and your good writing skills can make you earn a decent amount.

These were four must-to-share advantages of Now we will look over some disadvantages and negative impacts which can reach your blog through

Disadvantages of

Beware of Spun Articles
The worst thing, which I experienced with MyBlogGuest,  is that many guest bloggers offer spun articles which are poison for your blog's ranking. If you are less familiar with English, beware of this because you may fail to declare either the article is spun or original. To avoid this, accept guest posts from authors with good reputation score only and analyze each article carefully either it looks natural or not.

Many Posts Promote Affiliate Links
Yet another drawback of is that many guest posts are written for affiliate networks and if you publish them without considering this factor, your blog may suck. So before accepting guest posts from others, make it sure that the post doesn't contain any affiliate links in it.

Crap Blogs/Sites
There are many high PR but crap and spamy blogs which attempt to find guest posts from MyBlogGuest. If you publish your articles on such blogs/sites, then you may not loss your article only, but the links may harm your blog's ranking also.

These were three demerits which I noticed soon after joining These three factors may affect your blog's performance negatively if taken lightly.

So if you want to take advantage of MyBlogGuest's great platform, then you must consider the three big drawbacks before accepting guest posts from authors or publishing your articles on others' blogs. It will help you in building your blog with quality content. Good luck!

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