10 SEO Practices Beginner Bloggers Must Do for Their Blogs


10 SEO Tips for Your Blog Which Will Boost its Ranking

Modern SEO has become much complicated and it requires more efforts from your side. If you are new in blogging, then you must learn some basics of SEO which would help you in boosting your blog's ranking. Below tips will help you in doing a proper SEO for your blog.

Build Your Blog with Unique Content
Although it is a common thing which everyone will suggest you, but most bloggers ignore quality of content on their blogs. The first recommendation for doing a good SEO for your blog is that always write unique and useful content on it. When you copy content from other websites and publish it after making a few changes, then you are doing wrong. Your visitors may consider it your own content but search engines can’t. You can get a ranking for your blog only when you fill it with unique content so search engines will recognize it as an identity.

Internal Linking is Also Important as Backlinking
Bloggers tend to build inbound links to their blogs from other sources and mostly forget or ignore to build a good internal linking structure. But always remember that internal linking is also important like backlinking. While writing posts and pages on your blog, never forget to mention other relevant posts and pages on it. This will help search engine crawlers to grab your all content and thus your blog will rank high. In addition to this, bounce rate on your blog will also decrease.

Value Keyword Density over Keyword Stuffing
Any unethical SEO practice, which attempts to trick search engines, will cause your blog to lose its ranking. Google penalizes those blogs and websites hard which adapt tricky practices. Keyword stuffing is one of such practices through which webmasters try to attract search engines by putting keyword rich paragraphs on (mostly bottom of) their posts and pages. But never go for trying such tricks; instead use keywords in your writing in a natural way. Repeat the main keywords in your writing in a decent manner. Don’t repeat keywords unnecessarily, otherwise your writing will look unnatural and spammy.

Do SEO for Both Your Homepage and Other Pages/Posts
Most bloggers build inbound links to their homepage only and don’t bother to think about building links to posts and pages on their blog. Your work for SEO on homepage may give you high PR for the main domain but visitors aren’t attracted by homepage. Your posts and pages appear in search results so you must do SEO for your pages and posts also. SEO for posts and pages will produce good results as compared to home page SEO.

Social Sharing Boosts Your Blog Ranking

When your content is frequently shared on social networks, it gets ranked high. Many SEO experts will tell you that social bookmarking isn’t a good practice to gain rankings as most backlinks from these sources are no-follow, but it is a misconception. Google ranks content based on its popularity. If your content is shared by many people, it reveals that it is valuable. The result will be dramatic boost in your content’s ranking.

Linking to Relevant Content on Other Websites is Necessary

Some bloggers hesitate to link to content on other blogs. They think that such linking will drop their ranking and boost the ranking of other blog. But it is again a misunderstanding. Google appreciates you when you provide useful content to your visitors, so never forget to put external links on your blog posts when it is necessary and relevant. Although it will benefit the linked blog also, but your ranking also boosts.

Larger Text/Headings Attract Search Engines

Where larger text size, bold, italic and underlined text attracts attention of visitors, it draws attention of search engines also. To do a good SEO for your blog, you must use a larger text size in headings. Secondly, divide your writing into paragraphs and give each section a heading where necessary. Style main keywords in content as bold or italic also.

Layout and Design of Your Blog Matters

In past, search engines were delicate in parsing several scripts including CSS and Java which help decorating your blog, but modern search engine crawlers are well developed and they can parse almost any script. So you must build an appealing design for your blog by adding CSS and other scripts (flash is not recommended as search engines are still weak in parsing it). Layout, particularly navigation of your blog is much crucial which plays a big role in your blog’s ranking. Build a clear navigation which could allow the visitor to navigate through your blog easily. Search engine crawlers follow the links in navigation and grab your content. So never ignore these sections also.

Engage Your Visitors

The more time visitors spend on your blog, more it is ranked higher. You can achieve this goal only when you provide useful content on your blog in an easy-to-access way. Try to make your blog engaging. Use widgets and plugins to promote and suggest relevant content on your blog to your visitors. This will make your visitors stay longer on your blog and as a result, it will rank higher.

Be Social

SEO experts believe that social networking is nothing to do with SEO but it does. When you become more social, you can attract more readers. The more people your blog receives, the more its content is recommended on social networks. i.e. social bookmarking increases for your content about which we talked earlier. Longer they people stay on your blog, the higher your blog is ranked. Additionally, try to build a good relation with your visitors by connecting them in comment section of your blog. Remember! The more you become social, the more you get success with blogging. Don’t believe this fact? Visit http://guideandnews.com and see how Ehsan (blogger at GuideandNews) has achieved a brilliant success in a short span of time. But don’t forget to leave your response below either these tips sound cool or not. Happy blogging!

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