Migrate Your Blogger Blog to WordPress Without Losing SEO and Traffic


How to Transfer or Migrate Your Blogger Blog to WordPress

To transfer a blog from Blogger to WordPress is easy but the actual task is to retain the SEO and traffic of your blog after migration. WordPress is more powerful and easy to manage than Blogger, so most bloggers prefer to move their blogs from Blogger to WordPress after they develop it on free hosting offered by Blogger. It is somehow a difficult task to retain your traffic and SEO after you move your blog to WordPress, so I am writing a simple tutorial for you which will help you in retaining the maximum possible traffic and SEO for your blog after you migrate it to your own hosting.

Move Your Blogger Blog to WordPress Without Losing Traffic

If you aren't using custom domain for your Blogger blog, then first you must setup your own domain for it. It will take up to 2 or three days before  all indexed posts to get transitioned from .blogspot URLs to URLs under your custom domain. Once your .blogspot URLs disappear from the search results, then proceed to the next step to move your blog to WordPress. Although Blogger will set a permanent 301 redirect later but a custom domain will give a better user experience for several reasons which are not necessary to be discussed.

If you are using your own domain, then follow below simple instructions which will not only help you in migrating your blog from Blogger to WordPress, but will also teach you how to retain its SEO and traffic by fixing the URL errors using a fixlinks.php file.

1. Purchase Hosting:
First of all search for a good host and purchase a hosting according to your budget and needs. While selecting a host, analyze it either it has good reputation in the market or not. Most of the time, web hosts show you false stats and they doesn't fulfill your expectations later. Your blog may expose to more downtime on a bad host which may damage it partially or wholly. So go for a better hosting plan and choose Linux hosting as WordPress creates issues with Windows hosting.

2. Redirect Your Domain to Your Hosting
Once you purchase hosting for your blog, redirect your domain to your hosting. To do it, go to domain control panel and make the necessary changes according to the details provided by your host. It will take sometime (from a few minutes to 2 days) before the changes are propagated and your domain redirects. Keep checking the domain status that either it is redirected or not. Your visitors may also suffer temporarily, so run an announcement on your blog before you shift it to WordPress. Once domain is redirected, go to your hosting control panel and install WordPress under root directory. After installing the WordPress, follow below steps:

1. Log-in to your WordPress blog, (yourdomain.com/wp-login.php) and delete default post which is created during installation. Then click on Tools and then on Import
2. In the next screen, select Blogger and install the import plugin if prompted, and then click on Authorize to run the importer
3. Google will ask you to grant the access once you provide your login credentials. It is recommended to stay signed-in to your Blogger account on the same browser before you start the import process. Allow the access there. Now you will see the list of your Blogger blogs. Click on Import button in front of the concerned blog and wait till the import completes. Then click on Set Authors once the the import is completed
5. Set the authors for your posts and save the changes. You have now successfully imported your Blogger posts to WordPress
6. Next change the permalink structure to make it similar to Blogger permalinks as WordPress have a different permalink structure by default. It is necessary to retain SEO and traffic for your blog. To change the permalink structure, go to Settings and then select Permalinks. In the appeared window, select Custom Structure and paste the below link structure in the box
7. Save the changes
8. Now permalink structure has been made similar to Blogger but still some errors may occur for your posts. To fix this all, download this fixlinks.php file, upload it to root directory of your WordPress installation (i.e. http://yourdomain.com/fixlinks.php) and access it in your browser. (i.e. enter yourdomain.com/fixlinks.php in your browser address bar and then press enter). You will see a message saying links fixed. Now you are all done!! You have migrated your blog to WordPress from Blogger without losing even a single visitor. Your blog SEO is also retained.

If you need help in migrating your blog from Blogger to WordPress, then we can do that at a very affordable price. Forget about the worries and let us do the job for you. More details here.

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