Add / Install Livefyre Comment System on Blogger Blogs

Blogger's inbuilt commenting system is sometimes disliked by bloggers as it doesn't provide an interactive look to your blog. Although Blogger has added the threaded comments feature to its commenting system, still many bloggers search for a better comment management which could transform the discussion on their blogs in interactive way. Disqus is one of the best choices for bloggers but now many bloggers have started leaving Disqus due to increased promotion of affiliate links by Disqus on free accounts. In such a situation, livefyre is emerging as a solid alternative to Disqus which is becoming much popular day by day among bloggers and webmasters.

Livefyre is Better Than Disqus

Although Livefyre hasn't much developed as Disqus has, still it is better than Disqus comments in several aspects. When you will use free commenting system of Disqus on your blog, Disqus displays affiliate links as Related Results which may harm your blog's SE ranking. livefyre doesn't promote any affiliate links so it is safe to use on your blog to provide a better and cool conversation platform for your visitors. Additionally, livefyre fetches the commenter image from Gravatar and displays it, which makes the layout of your blog's comment section more beautiful and professional. Your visitors can comment on your posts using their social profiles also. All these and many other features make Livefyre a solid choice comment management choice for your blog.

How to Add livefyre to Blogger Blogs

Although livefyre  doesn't offer direct installation of its commenting system on Blogger blogs still you can add it to your blog very easily. Please keep this in mind that your previous Blogger comments can't be imported to livefyre comments at the moment. This feature will available after livefyre introduces its commenting system for Blogger blogs which is under process. If you are running a WordPress blog, you can add Livefyre comments to your blog as a plugin by searching it in plugin directory from your blog. To add this interactive commenting system to your Blogger blog, follow below instructions:
1. Visit and signup for a free account. This account will be used for managing (moderation and other purposes) comments on your blog later
2. After you signup with livefyre, you will be automatically signed-in. If not, sign-in to your account and then select GET LIVEFYRE
3. In the next screen, type in your blog URL, select Custom as platform and proceed to obtain code
4. Now you will find code for embedding comment form  on your blog. Copy all the code from the box
5. Sign-in to Blogger Dashboard, select your blog and go to its template section. Then download a backup of your template
6. After downloading the backup, edit HTML of your template and expand whole code by checking Expand Widget Templates box
7. Press Ctrl+F and find this <b:if cond='data:post.showThreadedComments'> Then paste the code (which you have copied from livefyre) just before/above this line and save your template
8. Now you have to hide the inbuilt comments of Blogger otherwise two comment forms will appear on your posts. To hide Blogger default comment form, go to Settings and then select Posts and comments. In "Posts and comments" section, hide default comments and Save settings by clicking the save button near right top. You are all done!!


With some templates, the comment form may not appear after pasting the code before <b:if cond='data:post.showThreadedComments'>. If it happened with your blog's template, find <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-2'> and paste the code just above this line. If still you are facing any difficulty, leave a comment below. We will assist you in adding this beautiful commenting system from livefyre to your Blogger blog.

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