Importance of Blogs for Online Community in 2013

Blogging will be crucial to SEO, content marketing and social media in the year 2013. After the developments in 2012, blogs have become essential instead of optional for all businesses. This is because when SEOs are uncertain, companies have to turn to blogs as a constant source of information. For example, when Google users are performing searches while being logged in, Google analytics do not give keyword information from those users. This means that a large area of keyword data of a site becomes unavailable. Also, a search engine user can personalize or restrict the content that is shown on the results page of a search. Furthermore, geographic locations play a major role in personalizing the SERP. In such cases, website owners turn to blogs for help. Blogs provide relevant and authoritative content to a website. Guest blogging helps a firm obtain authoritative links which is otherwise quite hard to achieve. Blogs on a website will also widen the visibility in searches and will lead to the website performing better even on personalized search results.

In several aspects, SEO, content marketing, social media, and blogs are all part of a big complicated ball. Neither one can survive without the other. Blogs play a vital role in all the other three components of the ball. With blogs, a firm is able to display its personal side, which is something that customers are eager to see. When advertising your firm on a social media site, the personal touch is a necessity to increase popularity. For content marketing, blogs are essential in promoting credibility and brand affinity.

High quality blog content should be written well, relevant, useful and authoritative. There are more characteristics that refine the effectiveness of blogs such as content being engaging, using multimedia, and making the blogs mobile friendly. The standards of an effective blog are high. But clumsily written blogs will definitely get you nowhere. Moreover, it is not enough to just blog for your own firm. You have to go outside the box and build relationships for guest blogging while looking for good quality bloggers to write for your blog. Blog writers should understand how to implement the SEO linking strategy and keyword strategy. Wider marketing goals of the firm should be explained to them and they should understand every detail about the products and services of your firm in order to be able to write high quality blogs about them. In addition to products and services, bloggers should also understand firms’ target customers so that they can write useful, relevant and engaging blogs. Serious marketing firms need to be upbeat and should ensure that their staff is willing, ready, and able to write blogs of such high standards. Outsourcing content marketing, social media and SEO will not be as effective as the company doing it themselves. This is because understanding the business is crucial and no outsider can understand your business as well as you do. Help can be obtained from outside sources but if your company blog looks artificial, it will only damage your reputation.

Firms may be unable to afford employing serious bloggers. But without a powerful blog, social and content marketing and SEO will suffer. In such uncertain economies, you just cannot afford to under-perform

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