First PR (PageRank) Update of 2013, What Did Your Blog Get?

Google released its first PR (PageRank) update of 2013 on February 4, 2013. Although an update among several websites including my own blog was noticed in early January from Google but this is the first official update of 2013 which has updated the PR for all websites across the web and all webmasters noticed it.

I have started this post to share the importance of PR for any blog or website and will also share a few working tips for getting a good PR. If your blog has got good PR in the recent update, then it is good, or if it haven't got a good PR, then this shouldn't discourage you at all, because PR isn't everything which would decide the fate of your blog among ranking. My blog jumped to PR4 from 2 in the recent update, which is a good move. I am happy with this. I'll share some tips with you which will help you in getting a good PR for your blog or website. I hope that these tips will help you in improving your blog's PageRank in next update which is expected to be released in April/May 2013.

What is PR and Why it is Important for a Blog or Site?

Google calculates the ranking of a website by looking over figures that how many other sites have linked to a particular blog or website. The more the number of these links is, the better the linked website ranks. Suppose you write a very good article on any topic which is found useful by others and they cite it on their websites and blogs. Suppose another person also writes an article on the same topic about which you have posted earlier. Then he mentions your article's link in his article as a reference or as a suggestion for further information. If the link to your site, which he/she, places in the article is do-follow, then it passes the authority to your site and tells Google that your site is trustworthy. Such links increase ranking of your domain and the PR is calculated for your blog by figuring out number and value of such links. If you get a do-follow link from a high PR site, then it adds high value to your one. But you must remember another aspect of this reality also that links from all websites are not valuable. They increase the ranking of your blog or website only when they are:

1. from relevant (Niche-related) sites/webpages
2. do-follow

So if you are interested in getting a good PR for your blog or website, then you must consider below rules. If you don't consider these, then you may not only fail to get a good PR but even may harm your present ranking. Google punishes websites and drop their ranking when the links are built from low-reputed sources.

Importance of PR for a Website or Blog: You may now would like to know about why PR is important for any blog or website. It is important for ranking your content in SERPs. If your blog has a good PR, then it is more likely to appear among the top search results in Google and other search engines. So if your blog appears near top, then you will get the huge free traffic from search engines for which every blogger dreams. Always remember that around 90% of visitors go to the first 10 results in search results. So try to get a good ranking in search engines under your niche for particular keywords. You can achieve this by doing a good SEO for your blog and by posting quality content on it.

Rules for Getting a Good PR

Build Do-follow Backlinks
I observe that almost all new bloggers either don't know or don't care about do-follow links. They try to get a link from any source without considering either it is do-follow or not. You can check a link by viewing its source either it is do-follow or no-follow. To do this, select the link on the page with some text, right click on it and then select View Page Source. Do-follow links look like <a href='http://pageurl" rel='follow'> or just <a href='http://pageurl"> and no-follow links look like as <a href='http://pageurl" rel='nofollow'>. So we were talking about new bloggers who even don't hesitate to spam the source frequently for getting numerous no-follow backlinks, but they don't know that the time, which they are putting in spamming and building no-follow backlinks isn't going to return them a good value. These links are almost useless in sense of SEO as they are totally ignored by Google. Yes such links may refer some visitors undoubtedly, but that shouldn't be your goal at all. By sharing this fact, I want to tell you that never go for building no-follow backlinks and try to write quality good content on your blogs which will be linked automatically by others. Yes you can search for some do-follow directories and blogs from where you can get quality backlinks. Guest posting is one of the most effective way which gives you long-term success. You can get permanent do-follow backlinks by writing for others. Commenting on do-follow blogs will also help you. Forum posting is also there which works. But never ever spam! Remember that one do-follow backlink from a relevant source is stronger than millions of no-follow links. So why don't you go for building do-follow links only? It will give you a very good ranking and your blog's PR will increase.

Links from Relevant Sources Work Best
Yes, links from niche-related sites and blogs work best if they are do-follow. Suppose you blog on gardening, then do-follow backlinks from another gardening blog will boost ranking of your blog in SERPs. If the source blog's PR is high, then it will do even better. By this, I mean that links add maximum value to your blog's ranking when they are from relevant sources and the source is of high PR.

Is PR Everything?
Not at all, PR isn't everything so if you have got a bad PR in recent update despite of having quality content on your blog, then you should get discouraged by this. There are several blogs among the web which don't appear in SERPs despite of their high PR and some others get good traffic from search engines even with low PageRank. If you have quality content on your blog, then keep building it with more and more content. You will get ranked well. Success is all about quality content on your blog.

Conclusion: Backlinks work only when they are do-follow and from relevant sources. A link from a PR1 relevant webpage is more valuable for you as compared to numerous no-follow links from a PR10 but non-relevant blog. So build links from do-follow relevant sources only and post quality content on your blog which will be linked by others automatically and that is what on which your blog's success depends.

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