Add Falling Spring Flowers to Blogger and WordPress Blogs


Falling Spring Flowers for Your Blog

Spring is almost arrived and flowers will soon cover the planet earth. Why don't you also cover your entire blog with beautiful blossom? Sounds good? I know you will surely like it. I have brought a unique and beautiful widget for your blog which will greet your visitors by spreading hundreds of flowers over your blog. This isn't a widget and indeed a tiny script which you can add to your Blogger or WordPress blog within a minute. Flowers endlessly fall, thus your visitors will get surprised by this beautiful scene. I'm gifting this widget to all bloggers on the beautiful occasion of spring. This widget isn't restricted to Blogger users only and you can add this to any webpage.

Add Falling Spring Flowers to Blogger

To add falling spring flowers to Blogger blog, perform the below simple steps:

1. Sign to Blogger dashboard and select the blog to which you want to add Falling Spring Flowers widget
2. Go to Template section of your blog and edit its HTML (view screenshot)
3. Find </head> in HTML source by pressing Ctrl+F and paste following code just above </head>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'>
4. Save your template. You are all done!

Add Falling Spring Flowers Widget to WordPress

WordPress users are naturally lazy as they find and add different plugins to their blog with a single click only. So they may face a little bit difficulty in adding these beautiful falling flowers to their blogs. If you are an extreme basic user, then please don't take risk by editing your template. A small mistake may result in complete damage of your template. So before adding these flowers to your WordPress blog, make it sure that you have understood the procedure completely.
To add Falling Spring Flowers to your WordPress blog, follow below steps:
1. Log in to your WordPress blog's dashboard (
2. Now hover your mouse pointer on Appearance or click it and then click Editor below Appearance
3. You will see the template editor. Look for header.php (Header) on right sidebar or find it by pressing Ctrl+F
4. After finding header.php (Header), click Header. header.php will open and you can now add the script to your template
5. To add the script, find </head> by pressing Ctrl+F again and paste below code just above </head>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'>
6. After pasting above script code, update your file by scrolling down and clicking the Update File button and close the editor

Do you have a general website?
Don't worry if you have a general website instead of any CMS. Indeed it is much easier to add this effect to general websites as compared to any CMS. Simply edit the page to which you want to add these flowers and paste earlier provided script just after <head> and save your page. You are all done! 

You have successfully added the falling spring flowers to your WordPress blog. Enjoy!

If you can't add these beautiful flowers to your blog, then ask me by commenting below or sending an email on admin (at) or simply leave a message using chat widget on bottom right of this page. I will add these flowers to your blog. Don't worry, I will never charge you for this task :)

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