5 Dos for Blogger Users to Enhance Protection and Development of Their Blogs

Blogger is considered a weak blogging platform as compared to WordPress. The reason is that WordPress offers good interaction between the blog owner and its visitors, makes it easy to socialize your blog and is also safe as you are the one and only owner of your blog when it is on WordPress. It doesn’t mean that you should quit Blogger. Many people (including me) are out there who still prefer to use Blogger for their blogs. If you are also a Blogger user, then you must complete five important tasks to enhance its performance and to protect it against risk of any possible loss. These 5 dos are listed below.

Switch to Your Custom Domain

Your Blogger blog has two owners, Google and you! Indeed you are just an author or power user of your Blogger blog and the actual administrator is Google. Blogger blogs are at risk and they can be deleted anytime by Google when they are found violating TOS of the service. If Google deletes your blog and you were using .blogspot sub-domain, then you may lose your blog forever. The one and only effort, which you can carryout to protect your blog, is that you must use your custom domain and download regular backups (daily or weekly). Now if Google deletes your blog, still you can get it back! Domain is yours and you have the backups of your content. Create a new Blogger blog, redirect your domain and upload the backup. After that stay on Blogger or switch to any other CMS depending on your choice.

Change the Title Structure

Title structure plays a very important role in SEO of your blog and the default title structure of Blogger isn’t SEO friendly. So you must change it to boost your blog’s ranking in SERPs. Learn here, how to change the title structure of posts and pages in Blogger blog but first, read the rest of this article as the remaining section is also crucial.

Switch Commenting System

Blogger’s inbuilt commenting system doesn’t provide a better interaction between you and your visitors. There are three popular commenting systems available which can take conversation on your blog in a new dimension. These platforms are IntenseDebate, Disqus and Livefyre. My recommendation for your blog will be IntenseDebate. Livefyre is also brilliant but currently, it doesn’t support one-click installation for Blogger, still you can add Livefyre to your blog. Although Disqus is world famous, but I don’t like it, the reason is, it shows affiliate links in your blog’s commenting section as related suggestions. You must switch to one of these commenting systems, so your visitors will be able to leave comments on your blog conveniently.

Turn on Meta Description

Meta description is also much important in search engine optimization of your blog and this feature is turned off in Blogger by default. Many bloggers either ignore this or don’t know to turn it on. If you are among those, then you are missing something really important on your blog which can influence its performance in SERP rankings. Learn how to boost ranking of your blog in SERPs.

Download Regular Backups

Although I’ve discussed this in the first section of this article, still I’m elaborating and repeating this. Do regular backups and never ignore this at any cost. As I have said earlier that your Blogger blog isn’t safe, so you must download regular backups. If you can download backups daily, then it is brilliant, if you can’t do it on daily basis, backup your blog after every two or three days. A weekly backup is also good. Your blog’s backup will prove to be a lifesaver when something goes wrong with your blog. To download the blog, go to Settings and then go to Others. You will see the option of blog export on top. View this screenshot if you are confused.

Not only blog’s backup is necessary, you must download backups of your template also. You need to edit your template periodically and if something goes wrong in editing, a backup will recover your blog’s design.

These were 5 dos which Blogger users must follow. If you follow these tips, then Blogger is cool for you, otherwise many not. Good luck!

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