Place AdSense Ads Above / Below Posts or Anywhere in Blogger


Place Ads Perfectly and Improve Your Blog Earnings

Most Blogger users face challenges in placing AdSense, Chitika and other ads above and below in their blog posts and ignore these placements, but these positions are most important for maintaining a good CTR. You can place the ad code in each post individually, but this is a very hard work and when you need to remove the ads, then it becomes even more harder. In this tutorial, we will learn, how to place ads below and above in each Blogger post dynamically.

Why These Positions are Important for Ad Placement?

When you place ads only in sidebar, header or footer, then your CTR may drop badly resulting in little earnings and if it drops below 0.5%, then it becomes a dangerous and suspicious condition for your AdSense account. So to maintain a good and normal CTR (0.5%-2%), you must place ads perfectly on your blog so they will get attention of interested visitors.

As you know that Blogger templates' platform is XML and this language is slightly different from ordinary HTML. So when you need to add any HTML script to your Blogger template, then it must be converted to XML first, otherwise the result will not appear on your blog. AdSense and other ad codes are also HTML based, so you must convert these codes into XML before placing in your Blogger template. After that, you can place the ads anywhere in your template. The best ad placement positions are above and below posts, so I'll guide you to place ads in these locations.

Place AdSense Ads Above and Below Each Blogger Post

By using our Online HTML to XML Parser, you can convert any HTML ad or any other code to XML script and then can add the converted code anywhere in your Blogger template. To add ads to your blog posts, follow below instructions.

1. Copy your ad code, go to our Online HTML to XML Parser and convert it to XML
2. Now log in to Blogger dashboard, choose your blog, navigate to Template section and then edit its HTML
3. Check the top left box (Expand Widget Templates) in HTML editor to expand all code 
4. Press Ctrl+F and find  <div class='post-header-line-1'/>
5. Copy the converted XML ad code and paste it just below <div class='post-header-line-1'/>. Now when you will save your template, the ads will start appearing above your Blogger posts
6. To place ads below your posts, find <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'> and paste the XML ad code just below this line. Then save your template. You are all done!

Keep this in mind that you can place a maximum of three AdSense ads per page, so place one above  and the second below posts. Place the third ad anywhere depending on your choice.

This method isn't restricted to AdSense ads only, you can place any type of ads by converting their HTML code to XML using our Online HTML to XML Parser. I hope that you liked this tutorial. Don't forget to leave your response. Thank you.

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