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Best SEO Plugin for WordPress Sites

WordPress is the most popular CMS of the world. Anyone with basic computer operating skills can build a blog or website with WordPress due its very easy-to-use and user friendly interface. WordPress has not only made the blogging simple, its plugins have empowered it up to an extent that it allows even basic users to create a powerful and successful website. As you have reached this page in search of an SEO plugin, it means that you are well familiar with Search Engine Optimization that how much it is necessary for any website. Without proper SEO, we can't get a considerable traffic to our sites. But how to get more traffic from search engines? To get the answer to this question, we need to optimize our website well for search engines, so they will show it in search results. It is very difficult for a basic user to do a good SEO, but WordPress has made this difficult task simpler with the help of a great plugin, which is known as WordPress SEO by Yoast. This is the best WordPress SEO plugin available on the Internet which utilizes your little efforts to give your site a very good Search Engine Optimization. Some great features of this great SEO plugin are listed below:

Features of the Best WordPress SEO Plugin, SEO by Yoast

Rewrites Your Title:
Titles for posts and pages play a significant role in visibility of your content in search results. WordPress SEO by Yoast gives you the authority to write custom titles for your posts and pages which will never appear on the page but they will appear in search results. So thanks to this feature, we can optimize our posts and pages best for search engines by using our desired keywords relevant to the page content as our titles for search engines. You can write a beautiful title on your posts for your visitors and similarly can write a good title for search engines separately.

Allows You to Write Meta Description:
Meta description option is not available in WordPress traditionally, but WordPress SEO by Yoast allows you to write meta descriptions for your posts. Excerpt of this description will be shown to the searcher in search results, so you can decide, how to invite the searcher to click on your link.

Disables Indexing of Categories and Tags
Categories and tags may decrease your ranking when they are allowed to get indexed in WordPress blogs. As WordPress SEO by Yoast ensures the best SEO of your site, so this handy feature is also included in it that you can disable the indexing of your categories and tags.

Analyzes On-Page SEO
When you set a focus keyword in WordPress SEO by Yoast, it analyzes your titles, description, content and images and informs you about the SEO status of your entire post. It calculates keyword density, checks lengthy sentences, checks keywords in titles, headings and description and also checks the images for alt tags to make it sure that you have performed the best SEO for your post.

No-index, No-follow
Yet another great feature of this plugin is that it allows you to decide either your page or post should be indexed or not. Sometimes we require to prevent the indexing of some posts or pages and want to keep them private. For such purposes, WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best plugin, by which you can perform this task by only checking or un-checking a box.

Generates Sitemaps
This plugin generates sitemap of your entire website automatically and also gives you the authority to specify that what should be included in sitemap and what should be excluded.

Sounds cool? So never waste more time if you haven't yet installed the Best WordPress SEO plugin on your site. It is loaded with much more features, which I haven't discussed here. So go for it now and bring up your site dramatically in search results.

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