Safe and Best Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Blog in 2013


Best Link Building and SEO Strategies for Your Blog in 2013

Search engines are unpredictable. Some big changes to Google's algorithm has been made by the arrival of 2013. Now time demands that you should also bring changes in strategies of optimizing your blog for search engines. This post will cover some important SEO strategies for your blog which will work in 2013.

Safe Backlinking-Build Backlinks Carefully

A little mistake in strategy of building backlinks may result your blog to disappear from search results. Google has taken this issue  very seriously. Many blogs got penalized in earliest update of 2013 from Google. Some of them lost their rankings for some specific parts while some lost ranking for their entire content. One of the big reasons behind this was the unnatural backlink profile. Most bloggers put their blog links anywhere without looking up the source or the page, but you should remember this fact in your mind that only backlinks from highly relevant sources will work for your blog SEO. A slight irrelevant backlink is not only valueless, it may even invite Google to penalize your blog also. It doesn't matter that how good the PR of the source is. Here is an example: Look over this page. Although this page is PR6 and you can get a do-follow link to your blog by leaving a spam comment, but remember, the link is poison for your blog! It is from a high PR but spam and low-quality content page. So never go for sources like this. Build backlinks only from respected sources and get ranked well.

Increase Domain Authority

Backlinks linking to root domain ( are more useful than deep-links ( While building backlinks to your blog, try to increase links to your root domain and then link internally to your posts and pages. It doesn't mean that deep linking is not necessary. You should also build links to your posts and pages but your first priority should be building links to root domain. This will give your domain high ranking and your posts will get ranked automatically.

WWW and non-WWW Backlinks

This is one of the secrets of SEO and you should take it seriously while building backlinks to your blog. Bloggers sometimes put URL with www and sometimes without www in their links. e.g: or But when you build some links to and some more links to, search engines take both of these two versions separately and you are unable to get a combined powerful SEO benefit from your backlinks. So it is not recommended to building links to different versions of your URLs. Use the same version of the URL whenever you go for building backlinks to your blog.

Anchor Text and Backlinks

Anchor text is the hyper-linked text behind which your link is placed. You should be careful regarding this also in 2013. Enormous backlinks with same anchor text may force search engines to consider your link building profile as spam. So build links by using synonyms and other related words to your keywords as anchor text to avoid any possible risk.

Safe Ways to Build Links in 2013

Guest blogging is the most useful and safe strategy to build backlinks to your blog. Find a good ranked blog under your niche and ask there to write for them. The links from guest posts will never develop any risk for your blog.

Another way is forum signature links but be careful in this technique. As you are getting links from your forum signature, it means that all links will be generated from the same anchor text. So build links from forums but don't overdo this practice to stay safe.

Blog commenting is good when you get backlinks from do-follow blogs. Search for some do-follow blogs under your niche and then participate the discussion there. You will get some quality backlinks by doing this which are safer and valuable to your blog.

These were some most important link building strategies for your blog in 2013 which are least discussed. You must consider these tips during building backlinks to your blog. Best of luck!

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