Creating a Successful Blog in 2013


How to Create a Successful Blog in 2013

On the web, you will meet many bloggers but will find only a few of them as successful. When you will analyze the facts behind their success, you will come to know that they are passionate with their job and therefore they are blogging successfully. If you are a newbie and planning to start your own blog, then you should consider some important things before you start your blogging journey. Some steps, which you should take wisely in blogging, are listed below:

Analyze Yourself Before Starting Your Blog

It is the first recommendation. Blogging is the sharing of thoughts and knowledge. You will get attention of visitors only when you will share interesting and useful information on your blog. To achieve this, you must analyze yourself before starting your blog that what you can do in a better way. Point out your strengths and once you believe that you can help people in the selected field, then go forth.

Selection of Niche Defines Ease of Success

The niche of your blog will play crucial role in its success either you succeed to get good traffic or not. Some most popular niches, which can give you better results, are technology, blogging, health and fitness and online earning. It is also a fact that these niches have now become much competitive. Still you can get success under them by working hard. If you find your interests under any of these niches after analyzing yourself in the first step, then it is good. It is also possible that you may have good strength in more than one niche. If it is so, then go for that which is more demanded by public. Because your goal is to get high traffic and for that purpose, you need to share the content in which public takes interest.

Create Your Blog

After choosing the niche, you are good to create your blog now. You have two common, easy and brilliant ways to create your blog within a few minutes. One is the free blogging platform Blogger and the second is a WordPress blog on your paid hosting. You can also create a free blog on WordPress by using their sub-domain, but I am not recommending it as you will unable to earn from your free blog hosted by WordPress. Alternatively, Blogger allows you to earn money from your free blog by showing ads either from AdSense or any other affiliate program. If you don’t like to create a blog with blogspot sub-domain, Blogger allows you to use your custom also.

Quality Content is the Key to Create a Successful Blog

After you create your blog, the next step is to building it with quality content. Dedicate yourself to your blog and start posting useful, interesting and unique content on it. Remember that this stage of your blog requires maximum efforts from you. Fill your blog with quality stuff. Never copy something from elsewhere on the Internet. Each and every idea should be presented in your own style. Try your best to represent it in the best possible way. While writing for your blog, keep the needs of your visitors that what they might be looking for. Remember this also that the web is full of content but visitors love to acquire information from those sources only where useful and easy-to-understand stuff is present in an easy to access way.

Promote Your Blog in Right Ways

It is said that the first impression is the last impression. So promote your blog only when it has enough content on it. Some promotion techniques are social bookmarking, directory submission, promotion through articles, guest blogging on other blogs and forum participation. Please be cautious during promoting your blog as putting link on low-reputation websites may harm your ranking instead of increasing it. Never submit your blog to low-ranked and spam directories. Only human edited directories are valuable now after updates from Google in 2013 and you may be punished hard for promoting your blog in unnatural ways. Social networks are safer. Go to them and create social profiles and fan pages for your blog and share the latest activities of your blog on those social profiles. If you build your blog on your own hosting with WordPress, there are many plugins which will submit your latest posts automatically to the social networks profiles. Bloggers is yet another major platform for bloggers. Connect your blog with Bloggers and get more exposure to it from other bloggers.

Good SEO Makes a Blog Successful

SEO for your blog is more important than its promotion, but I am discussing it after promotion due to the fact that you already do some SEO for your blog when you promote it properly. A better SEO will make your blog appear in the search results and thus you will get a very good traffic from there. Search engines are the biggest sources of free and huge targeted traffic but it is not much easy to get this free traffic. Your blog will require a very good SEO for it. As search engines, particularly Google, continuously bring changes in their algorithms, so it is hard to mention how to do a good SEO. Some big changes have been brought in algorithm of Google by the arrival of 2013. To keep yourself updated with the latest SEO techniques, join popular forums like WarriorForum and V7N forum which will help you learn the modern SEO.

Popular Blogs are Updated Regularly

In the initial stage, your blog needs more content and you should update it frequently. After you post enough on your blog and start getting a good traffic, keep updating it. It is the best idea to post a minimum of one post daily. As long as you keep updating your blog on daily basis with useful stuff, visitors will use to visit you regularly. It will keep your blog fresh among search engines also and it will rank high.

Value your visitors

Pay attention to your visitors because they decide your success or failure. Appreciate them to ask you questions and respond them politely. Allow your visitors to comment on your blog and be glad about hearing from them. This will build an honest relationship among you and your visitors and they will become your regular and permanent audience.

Successful Bloggers Never Admit Defeat

When a blogger surrenders during blogging journey, he/she surely fails. Blogging success is not much easy to gain and it requires initial hard work. You may experience continuous failure in beginning but never lose heart. Keep this fact in your mind that all successful bloggers have passed through this juncture. Keep working hard and believe in yourself.  You will surely become a successful blogger soon.

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