Blogging for Money or Money for Blogging?


Money for Blogging or Blogging for Money?

Blogging is one of the best online earning ways, but a question usually decides the success or failure of most bloggers. What should be preferred first, "money for blogging or blogging for money?" Most bloggers go for finding an answer of the second question "blogging for money". We will discuss it first.


Blog for Money

It is a misconception that blogs generate money easily. Yes the question is fair, your blog will earn for you but the mistake, which most bloggers do, is that they expect the earnings from their blog soon after they put it on the Internet. But always remember that there is no any free or easy money on the Internet. Before your blog starts earn, it requires some efforts from you and once you will put your efforts on it, it will surely start earning for you.

I agree that blogs are for money. Your blog is your business. You earn from it by displaying ads from affiliate programs or from direct advertisers. By displaying ads on your blog, you are actually promoting others' products. So you can promote products of others only when your blog gets heavy or enough traffic. But how to get this heavy traffic? This needs efforts from you. Read here, how to create a successful blog.

So the bloggers who expect the instant earnings from their newest blogs, they are usually discouraged by the their blog's failure. They either don't know about the Internet marketing or they are in search of shortcuts for generating money online. Blogging is not for those. Your blog requires your attention and time. You need to maintain it. If you are a passionate blogger and have started your blog recently, keep working hard, your blog will soon start earning for you.

Money for Blog

"Money for Blogging" is always not necessary but it is required to get the most from your blog. You can start a blog from 0$ on Blogger and can use AdSense on it to monetize. But if you spent a little and buy your custom domain for it, then your blog looks more professional. Some more investment can give you even better results. If you invest some money and buy your own hosting and run your blog on WordPress, your efforts will be minimized and the output will increase. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and it is more powerful than Blogger. Your posts can be automatically submitted to social networks, you can customize your blog easily and there are a vast number of plugins which make your SEO and content management the most easy and convenient.

I'll recommend you the "Money for Blog" first and "Blog for Money" later. If you don't like to buy a paid hosting for your blog and want to remain on Blogger, don't use the sub .blogspot domain. Register a custom domain in beginning (it costs around 9$ per year only) and use it for your Blogger blog. Your blog will look professional and it will attract more direct advertisers. So go for investing a little, you will surely get it back with a huge profit.


Your blog will earn for you but not instantly. First you should work on it, It doesn't matter either it is on Blogger or WordPress.  The most important thing is, never give-up with your initial failure, keep working hard. Your blog will surely start generating money for you.

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