7 Strategies to Bring More Visitors to Your Blog in 2013

How to Get More Traffic on Your Blog

All efforts, which we do in blogging, are fruitless unless we receive good traffic to our blog. Many blogs are seen which are full of unique content but the number of people visiting those blogs is not so good. Undoubtedly, unique and quality content decides your blog’s popularity, but it is also a fact that sometimes even very high quality content fails to bring good traffic. Here in this post, I am going to share some important tips with you which will help you in building up your traffic. Remember that I am not sharing some fundamental and most important tips like quality content, directory submission and good SEO etc. because these tips are general and every blogger surely knows well about them. Some other tactics, which you might haven’t adapted yet, are discussed below.

Social Networks are Good Source of Traffic

The more you become social, the more people use to visit your blog. Think of Facebook fan pages of two blogs. One has little likes, say 500, and the second one has comparatively much fans, say 10000. Now whenever these blogs will share their content on Facebook, the blog with more fans will get much more exposure to its content as compared to the second one. It is a commonsense. So to get more fans and followers on social networks, you must maintain your social profiles and fan pages well. Give it some time to interact with your fans. Use plugins and widgets on your blog to invite your visitors to become your fans and followers. This will help you in expanding your social network effectively.

Share Your Content on Social Networks

Once you build a large circle of fans on social networks, later on share your latest content, upcoming events and other updates regularly with your fans. Each time you will share something new on social networks, your fans will be notified and they will visit your blog.

Guest Blogging Will Refer Good Traffic to Your Blog

Guest blogging is yet another great tactic to increase both your followers and backlinks to your blog. When you write guest posts on popular blogs under your niche, you and your blog get good exposure to the targeted audience. Comluv.com is one of the best guest blogging platforms where your posts will receive numerous visitors. It is obvious that if your posts are enjoyed by visitors on guest blogging platforms, then they surely visit your blog and you will observe a considerable increase in traffic flow to your blog.

Popular/Hot Topics Bring Tons of Traffic

If you succeed to figure it out that what is going popular on the web under your niche, then you can bring tons of traffic to your blog. With thanks to some tools, we can figure it out that what is going hot. One of the handiest tools is Alexa Toolbar which will keep you informed about the trending topics on the web. Additionally, you can use Google Trends and Yahoo Trends also to find out the hot topics. Believe that only one hot topic can bring tons of visitors to your blog. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are yet another source where people share their interests. You can get some ideas from these social networks also. Take this tactic most seriously as it can defeat all other strategies.

Blog Commenting Can Also Build Traffic

Commenting on do-follow blogs under your niche where gives you some valuable backlinks, it may refer a good traffic to your blog also. To get the attention of other visitors, leave supportive comments on blogs. When other people will find your comments helping and supporting, they will prefer to visit your blog also.

Submit Your Blog to RSS Directories

When you submit your blog to RSS directories, your latest stuff is fetched by those services and you get both backlinks and visitors. But submit your blog to reputable directories only to avoid any possible risk of being penalized. Google may drop your ranking when it finds your links in spam directories.

The Last Tip-Advertise Your Blog

Above listed tactics will give you free traffic, while you can spend some money on advertising your blog also. Adwords and Facebook promotion are the two most adapted strategies by bloggers. Alternatively, you can also promote your blog on other websites by paying them their demand.

I hope that these tips will surely help you in getting more visitors to your blog. Happy blogging!

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