5 Must Have Free WordPress Plugins-The Best WordPress Plugins 2013

WordPress is more powerful than Blogger due to availability of many plugins which empower its functionality and make the publishing tasks easiest for bloggers. I have sorted out 5 most useful yet FREE WordPress plugins for you which you must have on your blog. Here we go

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best SEO plugin for WordPress blogs. This plugin will dramatically improve your WordPress blog SEO and will give you the best possible on-page SEO which is becoming more important than all other SEO strategies. This plugin will give you the control over blog's visibility that what should be indexed by search engines and what shouldn't be. It generates sitemap of your blog for search engines and provides many other options. If you didn't have this plugin on your blog yet, then your WordPress blog is really missing a very important feature. To install this plugin, do a search by typing WordPress SEO by Yoast from Plugin install option in your blog or download the zip package here.

WordPress Custom Permalinks

Permalinks are important in optimizing your blog for search engines. WordPress provides you some flexibility in setting up the custom permalink structure for your posts and pages but those links are permanent, i.e. you can apply same permalink structure for all posts. Custom Permalinks gives you the full authority to write anything as permalink for your posts. You can even write desired extensions like .html, .php, .asp, .aspx or whatever you want with the permalink of your posts. Go for this plugin and customize the permalink structure for individual posts and pages according to your needs to optimize your blog best for both search engines and your visitors.


Sometimes we need to display tabular data on our WordPress blogs and the default tables don't give us a good look and functionality. TablePress plugin will allow you to create dynamic tables easily and you can add created tables to your posts and pages by putting a shortcode. The tables created by TablePress are unique in the sense that they not only give your blog a cool look, the tables are searchable and sortable also. Your visitors can sort content in individual columns and they can search the content in the table without refreshing the page. If you have large tabular data to show on your blog, then TablePress is the best WordPress plugin to show tables on your blog.

JetPack by WordPress

WordPress.com is more powerful than WordPress.org and it offers much more features to its customers. But if you aren't a WordPress.com customer, don't worry, the powerful features of WordPress.com are available to WordPress.org users also. JetPack by WordPress.com transforms your blog into an innovative way by adding several handy features like auto-sharing of new posts on social networks, modification in comment layout, proof reading of text while writing, easy-to-embed contact form and many other to your blog.

Stop Spammer Registration

WordPress is more vulnerable to spam content as compared to Blogger. You will find many spam comments on your posts if you don't use any anti-spam plugin on your WordPress blog. SI Captcha is the best anti-spam free plugin for WordPress blogs which gives protection against auto commenting spam attempts, but these plugins will not protect you against human spammers. To get this issue solved, Stop Spammer Registration plugin is there. This plugin prevents spam IPs to register and even comment on your blog. You must have this plugin for your WordPress blog also which will keep your blog clean and fresh.

This was our recommendation of Must Have WordPress Plugins in 2013. The figure 2013 doesn't mean that these plugins will loss their usefulness after 2013, no and never, because they are among the most reputable WordPress plugins and are kept updated!

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