YouTube Will Be Unblocked in Pakistan on December 29

youtube will be unblocked in pakistan


YouTube Will Be Unblocked in Pakistan on Dec 29

Rehman Malik has declared that YouTube will be unblocked in Pakistan in next 24 hours. The most popular video sharing website was blocked in Pakistan in response to the presence of an anti-Islamic movie on the concerned website. Rehman Malik said that the website will be unblocked in Pakistan in next 24 hours. He further said that the decision has been taken due to the high demand of the website unblock specially from the youth of the country. He thanked PTA to keep blocking the source effectively till today. Furthermore, Rehman Malik said that PTA is acquiring a more powerful software which will be used to block all kind of unethical material on the Internet.

It was September 17, when Pakistan government ordered the authorities to block the most popular video service of Google in Pakistan. The action was taken due to the promotion of an unethical anti-Islamic movie "The Innocence of Muslims". Access to the clip was blocked in Egypt, Libya, India, Indonesia and Afghanistan also.

After the promotion of the clip on the service, many countries of the world demanded YouTube officials to remove the controversial clip, but Google refused to do so. Google said that the video follows its guidelines, so it can't be removed from the service. In response to Google's behavior, many countries with Islamic population blocked the service of YouTube in their country. Pakistan kept it prolonged and the service will be unblocked again within next 24 hours according to Rehman Malik.