Unlock ZTE and Other Data Cards (Zong, Telenor)-DC Unlocker Free Unlimited Credits

If you have a 3G/HSUPA/HSDPA/EDGE data card, USB modem or mobile phone but are restricted to use only SIM cards from one network, then don't worry. I am going to share a tiny software and step by step guide with you which will allow you to unlock your device easily. Afterwards, you can use SIM cards from any network. Please keep in mind that to do so is an unethical action, but if you are not feeling ease with the service, than you can do this trick to use any network with your data card, USB modem or mobile phone. Follow the instructions below according to your device to unlock it by your own.

Unlock ZTE 3G Data Cards

To unlock ZTE 3G data cards, follow the simple steps below:
How to unlock zte zong 3g modems

Unlock ZTE modems and datacards 
ZTE modem unlocking

Unlock Huawei Modems and Phones

The procedure is same for unlocking Huawei modems and phones as mentioned above. If you face any difficulty while performing the below steps, kindly have a look on the screenshots above.

Unlock  Maxon Modem

To unlock Maxon modem, follow the steps below:
Unlock ONDA Modem
Unlock Skype AMOI Phones
Unlock Zong, Telenor and Other Networks' Internet USB Modems
In Pakistan, Zong, Telenor and some other networks are providing 2G/EDGE USB dongles which can be used to access the Internet. The modems are restricted to accept the concerned network's SIMs only. Those modems can also be unlocked by this tool. Select your model from the list, unlock it according the procedure we discussed earlier and after successful unlocking, you can use SIMs from all networks in your device.
These were some common devices which can be unlocked using DC Unlocker. This tool unlocks some other products also which can be unlocked by the same procedures as discussed above. Select manufacturer of your device, connect your device with invalid SIM to your computer and unlock it. You can download the unlocking software from the link below. Please keep this in mind that this tool requires credits to be purchased. Once the preloaded free credits are exhausted, the tool will not work anymore.

Download DC Unlocker
Updated: Download DC Unlocker with unlimited credits

Attention: Some users complain that this tool doesn't work or they say that the device is unlocked but they are unable to connect to the Internet. This is so because, the Internet configuration settings are different for each network. So you only need to modify those settings from the modem software or modem settings in your computer's device manager.