How to Align Text as Justify in WordPress Blog Posts and Pages

How to Align Text as Justify in WordPress Blogs?

To align text as justify in WordPress blog posts on front pages may prove to be challenging for beginners who are not much experienced with WordPress. This is one of the drawbacks of WordPress that the text alignment as justify option is not available in its text editor as it is available in Blogger based blogs. As text alignment as justify makes a blog appealing and professional, so it is necessary for the text in WordPress blog posts and pages to be justified. By default, this text is aligned left. If you have set your latest post as your homepage, then your text should be aligned. This will make your posts first look charming. As it is said that the first impression is the last, so some users may leave your blog soon after entering it, if they find it boring and dull. So text justification also plays an important role in look of your blog with other content.

Justify Text in Homepage Text and Sidebars of Your WordPress Blog

Body text is aligned as left in WordPress blogs by default. You can justify it by modifying CSS of your theme. To do it, follow the instructions below:
 justify text in wordpress blogs
 justify text in wordpress blogs
 justify text in wordpress blogs

Justify Text in WordPress Posts and Pages

It is simple but time consuming to align text as justify in posts and pages. To justify text in your posts and pages, simply switch your text editor to HTML and type <p align="justify"> at the beginning of every paragraph. You don't need to add the closing tags. After adding the above code to every paragraph, switch back to text mode and publish your post or page. Good luck!