ELANCE.com, Scam or Legitimate?

What is Elance.com?

Elance.com is a freelance website which offers online jobs. You are asked to signup there, complete your profile and then you are offered tasks to complete and Elance.com pays you for that. If you are here, then you might be familiar about the website that how it works. So we will provide you information only about the website that either it is a scam or legitimate one.

Elance.com Scam or Legitimate?

Elance.com, scam or legitimate review
Most of the Elance subscribers say that Elance.com is a scam. It pays some of its affiliates and most of the customers are banned for unknown reasons when they earn some money through the service. About 90% people, who have worked with Elance.com, declare it as a wastage of time. According to them, the customer services at Elance.com are very poor.

But scenario is different here. Elance.com is good for skilled people only. If you are a professional web designer, a successful online marketer or a good author, then you go successfully with Elance.com. In its earlier days, Elance.com was free to join, but now a days, it asks you to pay. There are two membership programs:
  1. Basic
  2. Select
The Basic members have to pay $25 per month and the fee for Select members is $50 per month. Basic members can bid only on basic projects which are cheap. The chance of winning the project is also low due to high competition. Alternatively, Select members can bid on high-value projects which earn high for them. Select members also can't bid on all projects. Some categories require to be paid separately. i.e. if you are a web designer, then you have to pay $150 per month for bidding the projects under the Web designing category. It still doesn't guarantee your win. It depends either the advertiser selects you or not. If the advertiser selects you after your bidding and you do the task, then you are paid. Elance.com deducts its commission also from the amount you earn.

So it is a difficult task to earn through Elance.com.  Due to above discussed hurdles, many people don't get work there and declare Elance.com as a scam. This website is not recommended for the basic users and newbies who are new to the Internet. Secondly, it requires to be paid, which a freelancer will never like to do.

Some Facts about Elance.com

Some details about Elance.com are listed below:
These were some facts and figures about Elance.com which reflect its reputable image in the world.

Conclusion: Elance.com is not a scam but it is a paid service. Secondly, it is hard to generate income through Elance.com.

Disclalimer: Currently, the website is not a scam. It doesn't mean that it will remain constant forever. It may become a scam in future. The author doesn't ask you to invest money at Elance.com nor he is responsible for any investment and time loss. The website may change its policies upon time. We  will try our best to keep you informed about the latest status of the program. (Last Updated: Dec 02, 2012)

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