AdSense Ad Types-Which Kind of Ads Will Earn You The Most?

adsense ad types for high earning (high ppc)

AdSense Ad Types Which May Earn the Most for You

If you are monetizing your website with Google AdSense, then you can increase the AdSense earnings by configuring it properly on your website. I am going to share some useful tips with you, which will surely help you in earning a good sum by displaying ads from AdSense on your webpages. Read through this article and try these tips, I hope that you will find them handy.

Put Ads in Proper Places

Before discussing the high paying ad types, I would like to talk about the placement of ads on your site, because this is the most important thing, which influences your earnings. To monetize your site best, place ads in a way that your visitors should see them soon after they enter your website. The proper place is at the top of sidebars and just above or below navigation. As you can place a maximum of three ad units per page, so place one unit at the top of the side bar, one above or below  the navigation and the third one near the footer or lower region of your webpage. These positions will help will help you in a good earning as your ads will get the attention of visitors and they will click your ads if they find them inviting and targeted. If your ads get more impressions,  they will be clicked more and you will earn high.

Ad Types

Now lets discuss the ad types which will earn high for you. If you are new to AdSense, then you should know that some ads earn high and some earn low. As other factors like geographic location of clicks also influence your earnings, but that factor can't be controlled by you. What you can do only is, display those ads on your site which earn comparatively high. Here are the ad types.

Rich Media Ads

Rich media ads earn you the most, so while creating your ad units, the first thing which you should consider, is create rick media ads. Rich media ads display images, flash and other media in advertisements mostly which are high CPC (cash per click) ads as compared to simple text ads.

Image Ads

Yes, image ads earn you the most. As rich media ad types mostly display images, so they are of high CPC. You can create only  image ads also, but if your content is irrelevant to any image ad in AdSense database, then very low CPC irrelevant ads will be shown on your webpages. If content is relevant with available image ads, then you will earn high. Try this ad type and analyze, if it earns good, then keep this, otherwise switch back to rich media ads.

Flash Media Ads

You can't create Flash media ad units separately, as Flash media ads are displayed on your rich media ad unit types. I am discussing this type of ads here due to high CPC of Flash ads.

Ad Dimensions

Ad dimension is yet another critical thing which you should wisely handle. While creating ad units, you should go for the following dimensions:

300x250 Rectangles

300x250 rectangles earn the highest. If your sidebars are suitable for this ad unit, then place one or two 300x250 ad units on your web page.

728x90 Large Banner

Next to 300x250 rectangles, 728x92 banners also earn good. These ad units can be placed on any template. I would like to recommend you such a banner just above or below navigation or near the footer of your webpage.

468x60 Small Banner

The next ad unit of AdSense, which will earn good, is 468x60 small banner. This type of ad unit also gives you good CPC. Place a 468x60 banner on your webpage, if your page can't accommodate the large banner.

600x120 Vertical Unit

My next recommendation is the 600x120 vertical unit. This unit also earns good. So you can give it a try also.

Other Ad Types

Other ad types didn't do good like the discussed ad units, so I am not discussing that units with you. My review doesn't mean that only the above mentioned ad types will work for you. I have shared my experience with you. I have recommended the above ad types on the basis of 721,781 impressions which I got on my ads and then analyzed the earnings based on individual ad types. So don't forget to give them a try. Best of luck for your journey with AdSense.

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