Zong's 3G and EDGE USB Modem

Zong is unquestionably the champion of Internet packages in Pakistan. It offers the cheapest rates for Internet bundles which are daily unlimited for Rs. 10+tax, monthly 2GB for Rs. 200+tax, monthly 4GB for Rs. 400+tax and monthly unlimited for Rs 700+tax. These packages can be subscribed on mobile phones. Another interesting package with a device is also offered by Zong which is the 3G and EDGE USB Modem. Although 3G service is not available in Pakistan, but the device supports it and can be used to avail the 3G network services in future.

Zong's USB modem supports the network standards HSUPA, HSDPA, WCDMA, EDGE, GPRS and GSM. It is a plug and play device which installs its drivers and the tiny software automatically when plugged in. You have to just plug in the device, follow the driver installation wizard and then the software launches itself. You can connect to the Internet from the tiny program which is installed. Some details about the device are listed below:
 The device is originally designed by ZTE Carporation. Zong provides this device to its customers with two basic packages which are as follow:
  1. The first plan is charged as Rs. 3200 and the subscriber can use 4GB data for free for the first month after purchase
  2. Second plan is charged 6200 and a twelve month free unlimited Internet is given to the subscriber
Once the period of free usage expires, the subscription is charged as Rs. 500/month which is an affordable price. You can get further help at Zong's official website http://zong.com.pk

As the 3G networks are unavailable in Pakistan, the USB Modem of Zong delivers a speed up to 50kbps. This speed further depends on the area where the device is used to access the Internet. In the near future, this device will be proved to be very useful, as the service will be upgraded to 3G.

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