WordPress Blog User Registration Email Not Sent

If you have a WordPress blog but your blog is not sending the emails with username and password to newly registered users, then don't be panic, I have searched a cool widget for you which will solve your problem. After installing this widget, you have modify some simple settings and then your blog starts sending emails to new members automatically.

The plugin name is WP SMTP. First of all, login to your WordPress blog and install the plugin in your by searching it with the name "WP SMTP" or first download and then manually install it. You can download the plugin here. Once you install it in your blog, simply activate the plugin. Sometimes, the plugin may show an error while activation but ignore it. After activating the plugin, go to its settings and configure the following options:
After filling out the above details, click on "Save Changes. You are all done. Now check it that either your plugin works or not. To perform this test, simply fill out the test form and click on "Send Test". Check the email at the specified ID and you will surely get it. If you are facing difficulties in editing the settings, have a look on the below screenshot.
WordPress emails are not sent to new regestered users

I hope that your emails will be sent automatically after installing this plugin. If you still have any issue, you can ask us by commenting on this post. Thank you and best of luck!

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