When to Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

YouTube is still unavailable in Pakistan. It was blocked by Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) in response of an anti-Islam movie "The Innocence of Muslims" streaming on the largest video sharing network of the world. YouTube was blocked in Pakistan on September 17, 2012 but there is no hope in very near future to unblock the website in the country. Although the responsible authorities have shown some indications but still it is unpredictable that when to lift the ban from the service. The service unavailability of YouTube in Pakistan has affected more than seven million service users across the country. Some major difficulties, which are being faced by the Internet users in Pakistan, are discussed below:

Problems in Using Google Services
As we know that YouTube is a Google product, the service unavailability of YouTube in Pakistan has started interfering the other services of Google like Gmail etc. Sometimes while logging in to Google services, the server suspiciously redirects to YouTube accounts and the further process is terminated. This issue has started frustrating the people in Pakistan who are concerned with Google products.

Online Marketing
A huge number of people in Pakistan is concerned with online marketing and YouTube is one of the largest platforms for those online marketers. The ban on YouTube in Pakistan  has not only frustrated them mentally, it has crushed them financially also.

Social Issues
YouTube is undoubtedly the largest video sharing platform which allows people to share their captured unforgettable moments with their family, friends and relatives for free. The ban has affected this also.

YouTube and Students
YouTube is a huge source of valuable video stuff which helps students, researchers and other people a lot who are seeking the knowledge. Students in Pakistan are currently lacking this service which may negatively affect their studies.

Virtual University, which is the most famous distant learning institute in Pakistan, is mostly dependent on YouTube. The unavailability of the service in Pakistan has greatly impacted the studies on Virtual University also.

Why YouTube is Still Unavailable?
As YouTube was blocked in Pakistan in response to the anti-Islam movie "The Innocence of Muslims" hosted by YouTube, the service is still unavailable in Pakistan due to the ignorance of government's demand. The Government of Pakistan has demanded that Google should block the access to the unethical movie, but Google has refused to do so due to its policies.

What to Do Next?
As YouTube's unavailability in the country is greatly affecting the whole nation financially and educationally, so PTA should lift the ban over the service. There are many modern URL filtering techniques available which can allow the experts to filter and block the individual URLs. The access to concerned video can be blocked individually by applying such techniques. It is the demand of time that the ban from entire website should be lifted and access to the unethical movie should be blocked.

We can hope that the responsible authorities in Pakistan will look over their decision. It is the demand of the nation that the access to the unethical movie should be blocked individually. PTA should apply the modern techniques and block the concerned URL only instead of blocking the entire website. The nation will be looking forward for any immediate action as it has now been important that YouTube should be unblocked in the country for the upward mobility of nation.