Some Rarely Discussed SEO Secrets

Search engine optimization is getting very difficult now a days. Once it was easy, but in the present time, the search engines have adapted several strategies to keep away the junk websites. It is so, because search engines, particularly Google, aim to give its visitors only valuable content. Although a lot of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are being discussed among web developers, still there are some factors, which are not considered important, but they are crucial for the health and respect of any website in the eye of search engines and can make a big difference. I am going to share them here:

Affect of Visitors
Visitors affect the ranking of any website greatly. Websites, which receive heavy traffic, are crawled frequently by search engines also. So your first strategy should be bringing the more traffic. You can do this by sharing your content on social networks and by promotion of your website by other means. Keep in mind that your content should be unique, handy and interesting. Search engines analyze each and every aspect of your website. If your website receives good traffic, then the search engines also considered it as informative and valuable. They also start loving your website as your visitors do. 

Website Loading Speed
Website loading speed is another important factor which impacts your website's ranking. If your website loads quickly, visitors will love to visit it. You should keep this in mind that no one likes to waste time and always searches the quickest. If your website contains valuable content and loads quickly also, then users will prefer your one on other websites which take long to load. The more visitors your website will get, more it will be respected by search engines. To check the loading speed of your website for free and to get tips to increase it, visit

Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is the ratio of your visitors which leave your website from the first page which they visit. If someone visits your website, finds it boring or junk and presses "Back" button, then your website sucks. To decrease the bounce rate of your website, put unique and interesting content on it. Make the layout of your website cool and user friendly. Make it informative, interesting and comfortable for your visitors. Once your visitors start staying on your site, its ranking will go up automatically. 

It has been discussed several times. Every SEO article discusses the content. I have also included this in my article, because "content is the king". If your content is unique, informative and interesting, it will contribute your website a lot. The unique content will attract search engines. Visitors also look for something unique, informative and interesting. 

Number of Ads
If you are promoting some products or showing ads on your website, display them in a convenient manner. Never bury your content between ads. A lot of outgoing links may harm your search engine ranking. Secondly, if your content is buried in promotional banners and ads, then the visitors may think that you are willing to generate revenue only and are not sincere in helping others. So they may ignore your website. This will badly impact your website's ranking.

These were some less common SEO tips which may proved to be "SEO Secrets" for your website.. I hope that these tips will help you improving the ranking of your website in search engine results. Best of luck!

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