Link Disavow Tool-Report Spam Backlinks

Google has introduced its new tool called “Link Disavow Tool” recently. The tool has been introduced for reporting the spamy backlinks which may harm your website. If you have a little knowledge about Google policies, then you may surely know that Google penalizes websites for unnatural and spamy backlinks. As Google always likes to show the best relevant information to its visitors, so it ranks websites to differentiate between reputable and junk ones. Websites with reputable content are ranked higher and suggested to the visitors. The rank, which gives to different websites, is called Google Page Rank (PR). Websites with high PR value are more respected. Google trusts these websites, because they contain the worthy content which Google likes to provide its visitors with.

But you may ask here that why we are talking about PR here? The answer is simple. Google ranks websites by analyzing the backlinks to them. If a website has more relevant backlinks to it, then it ranks higher. So to get a quick higher PR, some webmasters adopt tricky ways. They either buy backlinks or use spamy tools to put bulk backlinks on other websites and blogs. By doing this, they get a higher PR. But this is not a durable technique. As Google has also been innovative, it has introduced algorithms to detect these tricks. Google never compromises its relevancy, so the websites, which have more irrelevant and unnatural backlinks and poor stuff, are penalized. Manual actions are also taken. But sometimes, the owner of a website doesn’t build any spamy backlinks, still bulk spamy backlinks are generated linking to his/her website. This may cause the website to be penalized by Google. To prevent such losses, Google has introduced Link Disavow Tool for webmasters. By using this tool, webmasters can report the spamy backlinks to their websites which they have never built. Once these links are reported to Google, they will not harm your website’s ranking anymore.

As Link Disavow Tool is an advanced tool, so you should use it technically. Once you will reach the page of Link Disavow Tool, you will be asked to select your website. After selecting it, you will be prompted to upload the file containing the links about which you think that they are harming your website’s rank. Your file should be in plain text containing one URL per line. Currently, one file can be used for one website. If you need to update the bad links in the list, first download the file, update the links and upload it again.

A debate on the tool among experts of SEO is being circulated. Most of the experts advice not to use the tool as it may affect your websites rank negatively. But the tool is a good update to the Webmaster stuff, which will help the website owners to fight against spam backlinks effectively.

If you have been penalized or you are afraid of being penalized due to unnatural and spam backlinks to your website, then you can eliminate the risks by using this new tool from Google. Visit Google Link Disavow Tool’s page now and report the spam links to Google which are pointing to your website.

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